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26 Even More Fabulous Barn Style House Pictures And Ideas

Exterior, horizontal, overall front elevation at twilight, Soares residence, Billings, Montana; Kibler & Kirch; Homesite Designers

Barn Style House Pictures. When it comes to purely inspirational interior design, nobody beats the people over at Kibler and Kirch.

And today we feature a couple of projects that they’ve done that are related to barndominiums but are closer to post and beam barn homes,

One is a prairie Renaissance work that they did out in the West somewhere. If your piece of land lends itself to even moderate views, you’ll get plenty of ideas from this design to take your place from “An interesting place you have here,” to “Wow! I’ve never seen a place like this!”

We’re not sure it will get as many shares as an earlier post we ran featuring nothing but these unique, zoomable images — but we bet it will be close.

Here’s the first one.


And, here’s the second one…

The second structure commissioned by this talented design firm is much more modern — at least on the inside. But it still provides more than its fajr share of Barn Style House Pictures.

Surely, between these two stunning examples of the best ideas in interior design today, you’ll be able to take away at least a few great ideas.