An open call for writers…

Here at, the site’s popularity has rather gotten away from us, which leads us to an open call for writers.

We are currently passing through the 20,000 page views a month threshold – on the way to 50,000 and beyond.

There’s never been anything like the universal appeal of the barndominium concept. The word “barndominium” itself is searched for more than 32,000 times a month.

And we get upwards of a thousand visitors to this website in a single day.

We officially need help

Do you have some journalism skills – the ability to go out and find the answers to the many questions that barndo owners — and those who want to be owners – have about topics like these:

  • Barndominium Resale Value: How Fast Do They Appreciate?
    • keywords: barndominium resale value
  • Wood vs Metal Barndominiums: Which is Better?
    • keywords: steel vs wood building cost
  • Playing It Safe: Who Insures Barndominiums?
    • keywords: who insures barndominiums?
  • Insulating Your Barn Home: How Do You Protect Against the Elements?
    • keywords: insulating your barn home
  • Barndominium Pros and Cons: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Or Building
    • keywords: barndominium pros and cons
  • Buying Vacant Land – A Checklist for Barndo Builders
    • keywords: buying vacant land checklist
  • Zoning Laws & Code Guidelines: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
    • keywords: zoning laws for barndominiums
  • Metal Barndominiums: Why Many Believe They Are the Best
    • keywords: barndominium cost vs house

And then, after gathering the facts, can you write a clear, engaging article on the topic, taking editorial direction on how to write and edit a piece that will blow right by whoever else might have written on the topic?

We can show you how – and pay you to do so

Will there also be assignments that explore the lighter side of barndominiums, and the barndo lifestyle?

Of course! We particularly want to look toward a regular column in which barndo owners talk freely and easily about what led them to build one.

That’s why special consideration will be given to current owners who also have good writing skills — although we certainly won’t rule out folks who don’t own one yet.

You can help continue to build awareness of this remarkable housing revolution. As of today, we have:

  • 850 visitors each day
  • 173,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest
  • 18,000 Likes on Facebook
  • 8,500 FB group members

Here’s how you can join our writing team

Step 1 – Choose a topic, then research it thoroughly

Choose one of the 8 topics above and, using the keywords given there, research the heck out of it.

Don’t worry about finding images for the piece — we’ll add them later, before publication.

Step 2 – Write an opening sentence and 2nd paragraph along the lines of this unfinished piece on buying land.

Write a very conversational opening paragraph that intros the topic.

Then, state the topic or question again very clearly  at the beginning of the 2nd paragraph.

Step 3 – Give us your best 300-word writing sample

In this brief exercise, no one will be paid. So if you choose to audition, please write out the remainder of the 300 words on your chosen topic —  to show that you grasp the concept — and send it to us:

Email your writing sample to [email protected]. And you’ll hear back from us pretty quickly — within a day or two.

Good luck and we hope to hear from you soon.


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