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Austin Culver’s Incredibly Transparent DIY Barndo Building Adventure


Hey! You’ve been wondering what the “ballpark” figures are for erecting a DIY 40′ x 80 ‘ barndo?

Turns out you are in luck.

Oilfield worker and barndominium builder Austin Culver not only talks articulately and passionately about his three-year barndo-building experience — he shares it with us, in line item by line item, painstaking detail.

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UPDATE 1-9-20

Austin’s new voice- and iPhone-activated shower is ready! He’s posted pictures and videos. See below. Get one for your new barndo — or for your current dwelling. Amazon Link

So just in case you want to build an exact replica of this simple but elegant barndo design — you can!

Ready to download the file? Here you go.

And, as a bonus, you can skip right by all the aggravating and stress-inducing need to calculate and work up all the numbers underlying these Excel fields — he’s already done it.

Want to see that detail? Tune back in a little later and you’ll be able to see just what items or services rolled up into these numbers.

In fact, when the final, itemized spreadsheet is ready, we’ll do a new post.

It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Just erect your version of this excellent barndo, slap a little texture and a coat of paint on the drywall  and move right in!

OK, Maybe not quite that simple.

But darned close.

You’re welcome!


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