Barndominium Builders: Real Life Owners Tell Their Stories

The Arthur barndo,inium outside Oak Grove, Missouri

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Sue Arthur and her husband Greg have been waiting a long time for their two-story barndominium to be ready for move-in.

Fifteen years, to be exact.

But their dream finally came true this year when they officially moved in and took possession.

The owner-builder advantage

In an extended video interview with founder Don Sloan, the Arthurs are honest and detailed about their journey from first concept of life in a barndo  — more than a decade ago. — to the final construction and completion of  what ended up to be a very impressive structure indeed.

“People tell us all the time, ‘Your house is so big!'” says Greg, “and I say, ‘Well, it’s really not THAT big.'”

The living quarters take up about 3500 square feet of the 50×70 metal-sided building. And the generous wraparound porches extend the living area somewhat.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Scroll down past the images below to click on the video,

Then, settle in for about 34 minutes while these two remarkable people tell an absorbing story of their…

Devotion to a dream.

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  1. We’re looking to build a 50 X 100 building with 2500 sf of house at one end.

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