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A Very Special 1 Bedroom Barndominium with Shop in Central Mississippi

This week, we’re featuring a very special barndominium that has gotten quite the reaction. Located near Edinburg, MS (which is in central Mississippi), we are amazed by how simple yet gorgeous this barndominium is.

Featuring an easy-to-build and maintain one bedroom floor plan, Kenny and Suzanne Byrd have made the most of their space. With an awesome shop out back featuring two glass doors, you don’t want to miss these pictures at the bottom.

According to Kenny and Suzanne Byrd, this barndominium with shop in Central Mississippi comes in at 1840 square feet in total. Although it only has one bedroom (which is perfect for their lifestyle), it feels even bigger than that. We also adore the open-concept barndominium floor plan. The kitchen and living are completely combined into one area that feels great for entertaining family and guests.

With no further adieu, here are the pictures of this awesome barndominium with shop in central Mississippi barndominium.

barndominium with shop in central mississippi

The exterior is rugged and built for a hard days work!

barndominium with shop in central mississippi floor plan

We love how unique the floor plan is on this barndominium with shop in central Mississippi. We usually don’t see many one bedroom floor plans, but this one is fantastic.

The pantry door is a true gem.

OK, the A/C unit in the shower was a controversy. What do you think? Email us!

The pantry looks jam-packed full of good stuff!

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