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BarndominiumLife: Our Upcoming Articles

Barnwood Manor – Design 1014 from Nelson Design Group

If you’re just visiting our site for the first time, you may find it to be a little bare. After all, as anyone who has built a barndominium — or done much research into building a barndo — there are many, many aspects of the process that aren’t written down anywhere.

We aim to change that

BarndominiumLife: Our Upcoming Articles deals with our goal of bringing you the largest independent repository of barndominium building and living information on the Internet.

So, when you go looking for those hard-to-find tips, tricks, hacks and facts about building your dream barndo, you can say that you found the information right here.

Partnering with reputable builders and social media forums

One of the ways we’re doing that is to actively ask — and listen — to what those who actually are out there in the windswept fields and counties, building barndos or living in them.

We’ll be sharing real-life stories and ever-so-practical tips from barndominium owner-builders, and from those who were quite happy to just have a barndo builder make their dream come true.

Special thanks

We particularly want to express our thanks to several individuals and entities that make the compilation of information on this site possible:

Barndominium Life Facebook Group — our own group which has sprung full grown into a robust clan of more than 650 members practically overnight. A very supportive group, full of ideas and support for each other. If you’re not a member yet, come on over! Particular thanks to Dennis Smart, Bill Ishee, and Andy Sloan, who encouraged us to keep going in the beginning when the forum was very, very quiet.

Barndominium Living Facebook Group — another very open group that positively hums with highly instructive Q&A about any aspect of designing, building — or living in — a barndominium. If you are serious about embarking on a barndo journey, you must pay them a visit, and join the conversation.

Texas Barndominiums — especial thanks to owner/manager Erik Cortina, who set us straight in the beginning on many aspects of the barndo building process. These folks are very transparent in all their activities, prices and interactions with scores of satisfied customers.

Absolute Steel Texas —  here’s an excellent manufacturer that primarily supplies kits to owner-builders. If you have a question for them, contact Wes Burns over there.

Here’s our current list of upcoming articles

  1. Wood vs Metal Barndominiums: Which is Better?
  2. Barndominium Tales: Real-Life Success Stories
  3. Barndo Tips & Tours: Insider Advice from 7 Barndo Owners
  4. Playing It Safe: Who Insures Barndominiums?
  5. The 26 Most Exciting Barndominium Kitchens on the Planet
  6. Zoning Laws & Code Guidelines: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
  7. Barndominium Resale Value: How Fast Do They Appreciate?
  8. Cabins vs Barndominiums: What’s the Difference?
  9. Insulating Your Barn Home: How Do You Protect Against the Elements?
  10. Metal Barndominium: Why Many Believe They Are the Best
  11. Barndominium Pros and Cons: Deal-Breaking Issues That Won’t Go Away
  12. Barndominium Prices: How Much is Too Much to Pay?
  13. The 11 Best Barndominium Plans with Shops
  14. The Absolute Best Barndominium Floor Plans with Loft
  15. From Napkin to Blueprint: Where Do You Find a Great Barndominium Architect?
  16. The Inside Story: Converting an Old Barn into a New Barndominium

Please send your suggestions

Got a topic you’d like to know more about? Or wish you’d been able to find information on before you built your barndo? We welcome those ideas as well.

Send all notes, suggestions, criticisms and (hopefully) accolades to:

[email protected]

It may take a day or so, but we’ll send a note back, thanking you for your input.

That’s it

Thanks again for visiting this website and helping us to become the best repository of barndominium information on the Internet.

We appreciate it — and you!

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