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Khris Smith Beautiful Barndominium Home [Must-See]

Today, we are looking at another incredible barndominium, the home of Khris Smith. This home is still a work-in-progress, with some sections and rooms unfinished. However, we love what he’s done to this home so far, and we can’t wait to check back in and see how he finishes the rest. So, let’s go into the house and explain why we love it so much.


When you drive up to the home, we see a beautiful medium-sized barndominium in the country. The lights hanging from the front porch give it an inviting feeling, with the indoor porch extending across the right side of the house. We like the covered porch which allows you to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather and provides a nice curb appeal as well. We are in awe of the beautiful wood paneling overhang and the stone siding gives this barndomonium a gorgeous finished look.

Next to it is a double-door garage which gives you the extra room to turn your garage into something more if needed.

Living Room

While the outside of the home is excellent, the inside is truly impressive. The floor and ceiling are both polished hardwood which gives it a gorgeous finished look. We love how light and bright this home is thanks to all the overhead lighting.

We love the nice big wooden dining table in the corner with the modern chandelier hanging from it.

Next to it, there’s a large sofa sectional with a brick fireplace across from it. We love the indent in the fireplace, perfect for hanging a TV from it. The gas fireplace will surely help heat the room during the cool winter nights.

The living room is plenty big enough to host gatherings and friends and we love the open concept look that this room provides.


Across from the living room is the kitchen. We love the massive island with sink built in and the choice of granite they selcted. The island itself is a work in progress, with some unfinished sections. However, we imagine that when it’s done, it’s going to look gorgeous.

This kitchen is loaded with tons of storage thanks to all the cabinets and drawers. The stove with the microwave above it allows for a convenient way to cook, and there’s plenty of counter space for appliances and other food prep perfect for hosting Thanksgiving dinner!

We also can’t help but notice the size of the fridge.

This large kitchen is sure to be perfect for anything you decide to cook up.


The pantry room is vast, with many shelves and a long countertop to store non-perishable goods. If you’re trying to keep food in the event of an emergency, this pantry should satisfy you.

It can also double as a room to store any other appliances or tools you’re not using for a while. So, while this pantry may appear to not be complete quite yet, it serves its purpose of housing a lot of food for the family.


When we enter the bathroom, we’re greeted with a double sink with a large mirror hanging, making the sink room seem vast. Below the sink, a wooden cabinet allows you to store plenty of toiletries. We love the honeycomb tile pattern hugging the lower walls of the sink. We can’t wait to see how they finish off the tile once this bathroom is complete.

Twin outlets also allow for plenty of electric-powered tools. No adapters required if you want to plug in several bathroom appliances.

As for the tub itself, it’s located in its own walled-off corner. we really love the tile they have chosen to add a little pop to the bathroom. We love how it is set back a bit adding a little bit more privacy as you relax in the tub.

Next to the tub is the shower with the frosted glass for added privacy. Once you open the door you will be greeted with a gorgeous tiled shower. We love the white with gray pattern that runs through the tiles with the band of decorative tiles.

The removable shower head is an added bonus as well.

We also have to point out the corner bench seat as well as the decorative soap holder that is a real statement piece as well as super functional.

While the other bathrooms are not done yet, we wanted to give you a little peek as to what they are working on! This is definitely one house we want to see more of once it is done.

Laundry Room

We love the size of this laundry room. It is sizable, with a large drawe that is perfect fro storing all kinds of things. You could store plenty of laundry products or extra clothes here.

We love the counter space in this room, perfect for folding your clothes.

This room is plenty big for storing your vacuum and other belongings. Overall, this room is excellent when you want to keep a clean home and have a place to store everything.


We love this bedroom that is in the process of being finished. This room has twin windows and a ceiling fan as well. As you can see there is a door within the room that most likely will lead to an ensuite bathroom making it perfectly convenient and perfect for a master bedroom, guest room or kids room. Once this room is finished we know it will be a cozy bedroom that this family will certainly enjoy.


Again, while this home is still a work in progress, we love it so far! We particularly enjoy the cozy living room, and we want to step into that shower and spend hours there. If you are ready to build your own barndo be sure to grab our barndomoinum program to help your build go smoothly!

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