Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium: Simple 2400 Sq Ft Home With a Sunroom

We have previously talked about knowing what you want in your house before getting the layout. The Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium was a plan brought to life. With everything thought out before building, the home is now ready for a lifetime of laughter and enjoyment.

Gaining popularity over time, more and more have been captivated to build their own barndominiums. Because, why not? There’s tons of reason why you should:

  • It’s cheaper than building a conventional house.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Insurance costs and taxes are lower. This is due to barndominiums being more sturdy than traditional homes
  • Barndo structures are durable.
  • Barndominiums are safe against fires and natural elements.
  • Barndominiums are more energy-efficient compared to regular homes
  • There’s a lot of space where you can be flexible with layouts.

With this featured barndominium, the Mason family shows us that you can be creative with your home layout. Incorporate lifestyle and hobbies together and you still have enough space for everything you want in your home.

Let’s take a look at these awesome photos of the Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium

Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium front view
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium front porch
Front porch
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium back porch
Back porch
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium back view
Back view

The Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium also features a 3200 sqft garage. A massive size which can also be functional for other puposes.

Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium
Hall to back porch
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium
Luxury Vinyl Plank (tintage color) flooring throughout the house. The family purchased it out of Louisiana while on vacation.

The couple wanted everything on one floor for their Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium, adding that they drew the plans considering what would easiest as they get older. True enough, a two-story home wouldn’t be practical when you’re looking at retirement age. Think of other things you need to consider when planning your home layout and building your barndominium.

Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium living room
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium

For Lisa Mason, she knew what she wanted in her home. The couple wanted a smaller area for the family. Coming from a 940 square foot home, this 2400 square foot house is already a lot of space (and a lot to clean up, too, as she said). But she wanted the sunroom and with that came more square footage. With a lot of space in their barndo, it has just been made possible.

The sunroom is one of the best places to relax when at home, not only for the family but for the guests, too. Adding a sunroom may not be everyone’s liking. There may be other necessities that can occupy the extra space. But even for those who want it, there are still pros and cons of getting this gorgeous room included in the house plan. It still depends on your budget and your lifestyle.

Remember that extra space (a huge garage for one) increases the value of your home? Now, a sunroom could have been just a small space for relaxation, but guess what? It does add value to your property, too. It could have been an additional cost building it, but in the end, the satisfaction and enjoyment having it can never be replaced with any monetary value.

Loving the Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium sunroom? We do, too! With the space kept simple and adorned with plants, it definitely is a great place both for recreation and relaxation. Get lots of options for your sunroom decorating ideas. After all, you can always revamp how you want your home to look like indoor.

Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium sunroom
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium kitchen
The blue-colored counter is a centerpiece, contrasting against the plainness of the whole kitchen. This kitchen looks really neat and simple with all white walls and storage.

With only four members in the family, the Masons have just enough space for the open-concept kitchen and living room.

Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium master bedroom
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium master bedroom

In most homes, the bedrooms are eventually left unused especially when the kids owning the rooms have grown up. In time, they’ll have to leave, go off to college somewhere or get married. Then the house is going to be way too big with only the parents left at home.

What’s awesome about it is that you can always have rooms in the house repurposed. Maybe turn a bedroom to a guest room or a storage area. Converting it into an office if you are running a business, or just need one; a creative room if you have something on the creative side as a hobby, are also great ideas. Also, check out other ways to rethink your underused rooms. Surely, you can think of many as time goes and you adjust to lifestyle changes.

Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium
Kid room
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium
Kid room
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium master bathroom
Master bathroom

Now, this part of the Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium is remarkable! The family has just added glass (not a door, though) stationary on each side, leaving the middle open.

Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium and closet
Master bath leading to closet
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium full bathroom
full bath
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium half bath
half bath
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium laundry room
Laundry room and storage.
Mason Family Kentucky Barndominium

The family has contracted the builders themselves. There’s definitely a lot of savings in that. But that would mean spending time organizing and monitoring the building process, and so much more…

What exactly are the tasks of being the owner-builder?

Read on this article on How to be your own General Contractor for you to thoroughly get a picture of what it’s like. We have listed in this previous post 25 to-do list of an owner-builder:

  1. Gather ideas and inspiration
  2. Commit them to paper and refine them
  3. Seek information and guidance on how to become an owner-builder in your state and county
  4. Begin drafting a customized plan, including quotes and bids from actual tradesmen and vendors
  5. Meet with lenders and secure financing, if needed
  6. Meet with county officials in charge of building permits
  7. Conduct a final assessment of the plan
  8. Put the plan into motion by scheduling subs and workers
  9. Clear the site and develop infrastructure (road, septic, well)
  10. Order temporary utilities
  11. Pour concrete footings and the foundation
  12. Prep the slab for electrical and plumbing
  13. Pour the concrete foundation
  14. Erect the shell (if you are building a metal barndo)
  15. Frame the exterior walls (if you are building a wooden barndo)
  16. Put the roof in place  (trusses, then sheathing)
  17. Frame the interior walls (metal or wooden barndo)
  18. Install rough-in electrical, plumbing and insulation
  19. Add insulation appropriate to your build
  20. Hang the drywall and install the trim
  21. Paint and finish the interior
  22. Stain and seal the concrete floor (metal barndos)
  23. Install flooring, laminate, tile or carpet (wooden barndos)
  24. Install cabinets and countertops
  25. Final cleaning and punch list

There can be lots of sources for you to learn about building your own barndominium. You may head on to YouTube and watch our videos featuring interviews of real barndo owners and their journey to acquiring their dream homes. Pinterest is also one of the go-to’s for barndominium designs and floor plans.

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