Here’s What’s Popular.

It’s been almost a year since we wrote the first post here on BarndominiumLife and it’s been an amazing 10 months.

Never would we have dreamed there was so much interest in barn homes. But since this site has gone well over 11,000 views a month — many of them from our devoted follower base exceeding 100,000 over on Pinterest — and a rapidly growing Facebook group, there’s no doubt about it:

Barndominiums are here to stay.

On this page we wanted to showcase a few items from Amazon and around the Internet that seem to be most popular among barndo owners.

We’ve tried to make sure they all have a 4-5 star rating and good reviews. If you ever hear otherwise or have a less than ideal experience, please let us know.

We just started this page in mid-February. so bear with us as we add products one at a time and carefully. And by all means, ii there’s a product that’s perfect for a barn home. please let us know by sending a link to us here: [email protected].

Here’s what’s popular in barndo decor today.

Note: This page is still very much under construction, visit often to see new items.


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