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The Barndominium Saturday Night Bath: An Old Tradition Goes Upscale

French Bateau clawfoot tub with hand painted patina – $3995 . Click the tub for details.

For many folks — now well into their eighties and nineties — who really WERE raised in — or near — a barn, complete with hayloft — the frugal tradition of the Saturday night bath was a big deal.

Mostly, they took place in a cattle watering trough near the barn or. if it was winter, in the cozy  farmhouse kitchen where water could be heated on the cast iron wood burning cook stove.

And if you were lucky, your brothers and sisters had been quick about their baths, so when it was your turn to slip into the water, it might even still be a little warm.

My, how things have changed.

Today, as you make plans to finish out your barndominium “forever home,” you have dozens — maybe hundreds — of bathtubs to choose from.

If fact, here lately, there seems to be a bathtub that will suit every master suite or guest quarters to a tee — and trick it out into something Grandma and Grandpa would be agog over,

A far cry from a No. 10 washtub

We thought we’d share with you some of the more exotic bathtubs on the market today. Some are standalone works of art in and of themselves.

Who ever would have thought that handmade bathtubs would be in such demand or fetch such handsome prices.

Oh, sure. For your barndo, you could economize and just get by with a plain jane white tub from Home Depot. But where’s the fun in that?

It just depends on your budget and how badly you want your barndominium to be unique, say some recent owner builders who have sprung for a few of these high dollar tubs.

Here’s the bottom line

Of course, in the final analysis, they all share the same basic benefit.

You’ll be clean as a whistle for your trip into town for church on Sunday morning. And these days, you’ll have all the hot water to yourself, for as long as you want to luxuriate there.

Handmade copper bathtub – $2500

Ofuro Soaking Tub – starting at $1900

6’ cast iron double slipper clawfoot bathtub – $2927

Cast iron clawfoot bathtub in green and gold – $2436

Freestanding solid surface colored bathtub – $3,606

Handmade wooden bathtub – $30,000

Sicis handmade bathtub with artistic mosaic – $19,211

32-inch baby hammered copper clawfoot tub – starting at $499

We’ll be adding more. Check back daily.