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Charming Missouri Barndominum by Lucinda Jane

This truly beautiful home manages to combine the space of a typical barndominum with all of the charm you might be looking for in a family home. This is a truly lovely space that anybody would love to call home, with a design that meets the needs of everybody in the family. 

Images were provided by the Jane family, you can follow along their journey on Instagram @madetobloomfarmhouse

Charming Missouri Barndominum by Lucinda Jane


If you’re looking for a barndominum with an extra serving of charm and none of the industrial feel that some barnodminiums have, you are sure to be inspired by this charming Missouri barndominum by Lucinda Jane. 

Sweet white siding and a metal roof are accented by natural wood touches. This lovely home features a wraparound porch supported by large, attractive wooden pillars that are eight inches deep and wide. A peaked roof with a contrasting peak facing towards the front add a lot of charm to the overall shape of this home. 

Complete with a delightful porch spring and a few hanging plants, this home makes you feel cozy just looking at it. It is set on a large grassy lot with natural woods behind it. Views of horse pastures from the porch complete the country feel. 

Charming Missouri Barndominum by Lucinda Jane view of the pastures


Near the front door is a mudroom and laundry area perfect for coming home after a trek through the fields. Mint and natural wood cabinets provide lots of storage in the area and there are also smooth wooden folding tables that will make taking care of laundry a pleasure. 

Two large laundry machines are a decidedly modern touch but don’t look out of place with the color scheme. White wood siding and natural-looking faux wooden floors complete the country home effect. There is also a view of the front porch and horse pasture to look at while you’re folding. 

Charming Missouri Barndominum by Lucinda Jane mint mudroom


This charming Missouri barndominum by Lucinda Jane does an incredible job of combining an open living concept with a very cozy kitchen. Tons of cabinets provide room for lots of cooking supplies. An open cabinet space near the top is the perfect place for decorations and baskets that tie to the rustic feel. 

Natural wood floors look perfect with a wood accent on the hood over the stove and a wooden pantry door. A diamond-shaped gray tile backsplash looks classic and also contributes to the rustic feel without overdoing it.

A sink set into a large island provides room to do the dishes while you chat with company in the living area. On the other side of the island, there is room for several bar stools for sitting and chatting while someone in the kitchen cooks or does dishes. 

Charming Missouri Barndominum by Lucinda Jane open concept kitchen

Downstairs Living Area

The natural feel of this home extends into the living area, which has a beautiful natural wood floor and a charming dining room table set near the kitchen. This living area takes advantage of the full height of the ceiling, providing a wide-open, airy feel which is very classy. Recessed lighting provides plenty of illumination, but there is also a drop-down chandelier and a light in a ceiling fan to provide additional lighting.

A seating area with couches and a big rug help to set aside living room space from the dining and kitchen area. While most of the walls and ceiling are painted white, there is one blue accent wall that takes advantage of the high, slanted ceiling to a charming effect. Sliding glass doors open up onto a back patio area, and multiple windows provide lots of natural light.

A very wide staircase extends from the living area upstairs space. This staircase features metal railing and a wooden handhold that work perfectly with the overall feel of the home. The open staircase provides an airy feel and gives you a view of the living room all the way up the stairs. 

Upstairs Living Area

The upstairs living area features a big, comfortable couch and armchair and a large area rug that make this space have a very cozy effect. A little table with flip-out leaves sits in front of a wide window with a gorgeous view of the treetops. 

Recessed lighting in the ceiling offers plenty of gentle lighting for the space. A slight slant to the ceiling provides an interesting effect and leads down to an open doorway with a children’s area. A small bookshelf built into the lowest part of the wall is the perfect place to get a book to read in this comfortable living area. 

The view from the primary living area is gorgeous from this upstairs living area, and is also very convenient if you’d like to shout down to anybody below. The chandelier especially looks very attractive from below and above. 


The downstairs bathroom is a very simple affair with a sink mounted onto the wall free of cabinetry to clutter the space. The exposed plumbing looks perfect with the natural feel of the home. Wooden floors with the appearance of being unfinished contribute to the rustic effect, while a simple gilded mirror adds class to the space. 

One upstairs bathroom offers a bit more space, but is not overdone. The sink is set into a simple cabinet with a charming mirror and a hook for a towel set near it. There is built-in shelving for towels and other bath accessories and a walk-in shower with an attractive glass door that makes this bathroom feel bigger than it is. 

Another bathroom features a simple sink set into marble, a walk-in shower with an attractive matching curtain, and lovely green accents on the cabinets. 

The master bathroom features his and her sinks set into a white cabinet with gorgeous marble countertop with silver flecks. An inviting tub in front of the window has a shelf along it that is perfect for a few charming plants as well as bath accessories. Wooden shelves line the bath area providing room for accessories and decor. 


The attractive bedrooms in this home draw on the concept of the downstairs living area of an accent wall with overall white coloration. One bedroom has a bed with attractive white color scheme that matches perfectly with the white wall and ceiling. All of this white makes the green accent wall and lacy white curtain really pop. Simple furniture including a natural wood chest of drawers and a simple white bookshelf make this a very cozy sleeping area. 

The master bedroom is a very large space that dwarfs the king-size bed. A stunning wooden bed frame draws on the natural feel of the home while also adding a lot of elegance to the space. Unlike most of the home, this bedroom is carpeted with a gentle grey. 

This bedroom also features an accent wall, this time of a warm green that contrasts perfectly with the natural wood in the bed frame. Several windows with lovely curtains give a beautiful view of the outdoors. Adjacent to the master bedroom is a large walk-in closet with room for plenty of clothes as well as a bureau for folded clothes. 

The children’s bedroom is simple but charming, with wooden bed frames for the two beds on either side of a window with a view out over the horse pasture.

A nursery contains a crib and bureau in striking green accent colors and a window with a lovely view. There is plenty of room for a rocker, an infant seat, and a station for tummy time as well as the crib and bureau. 

A Truly Charming Missouri Barndominum by Lucinda Jane

This charming Missouri barndominum by Lucinda Jane proves that just because you are building a barndominum doesn’t mean that you can’t create a very cozy home. This family home has everything the family needs to be snug and comfortable and packs in a tremendous amount of style as well.

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