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About Us

Mission Statement: is a media brand dedicated to celebrating the barndo lifestyle. Through blog posts, videos, instructional guides, floor plans, and more we help barndo enthusiasts build their dream barndominium.

Vision Statement: Our goal is that there’s over 1,000,000 barndominiums in the world by 2030. Right now the United States has a huge lack of housing. We’ve got to build! By informing consumers about the beauty and simplicity of barndominiums, our vision is that we help grow the popularity of barndominiums. For consumers who have already decided a barndominium is right for them, we want to educate and accelerate their barndominium build.

The Team:

Managing Editor:

Michele T – Michele is the managing editor at Barndominium Life and has responsibility for content, editorial, and managing our team of writers. Her background is in marriage and family studies and when she’s not balancing the demands of raising 5 kids, you can find her inspiring others to be better kids, spouses, and family members.

Michele has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Marriage and Family Studies from BYU and is an expert on all topics related to raising a family.

A native Californian, Michele and her family reside in Rockwall, TX outside of Dallas. You can connect with her on LinkedIn here.


Don H – Don is a building expert turned sales executive with a burning passion for barndominiums.

As a lifelong devotee to living an outdoors and hands-on lifestyle, the barndominium was instantly appealing. Long had he dreamed to escape city and suburban life, and after seeing the the Fixer Upper episode on barndominiums, he was hooked.

He’s a fourth-generation Texan and loves sharing his home state’s fastest-growing home style with the rest of the country (and world!).

You can contact him at [email protected]

Lead Designer:

Christy U – Christy is the lead designer at and, based in Northern Alabama. She loves designing spaces that are both cool and functional. With a degree in Architecture and Interior Design, she knows how to make old-fashioned charm mix with modern style.

Christy is famous for going above and beyond what people expect. She listens carefully to her clients and makes sure their unique tastes and ideas shine through in her designs. She’s a team player who believes that working together and sharing ideas creates the best results.

When she’s not working, Christy enjoys exploring the beautiful landscapes of Northern Alabama. She loves being inspired by the local art and culture scene. It’s important to her to stay connected to her roots and bring that authentic feeling into her designs.

With her dedication and talent, Christy Usleton is a superstar in the world of design. Her creations not only look amazing but also make people’s lives better.

Find their build on Instagram @morgan.homebuild

The first barndominium we ever saw, from Fixer Upper in 2016. It was not the last!


Mike W – Mike runs operations here at Barndominium Life. In his day to day, you’ll find him talking to builders, house plan designers, and other service providers. In addition, he works with members of the barndominium community to help drive awareness of the burgeoning barndominium industry.

Robert M – Robert runs the partnerships team at Barndominium Life. He’s responsible for working with our partner homebuilders, kit providers, and advertisers.

When he’s not working, you can find him riding through the Texas Hill Country and drinking a tall, cool Topo Chico.


Gail R – Gail currently spends her free time geeking out about what’s new and trending in the world of barndominiums.

She is the former executive editor of and loves working with the team and members of the barndominium community. She now contributes to the blog on occasion, but only when she feels like it!

Morgan and Randie Roepke – Morgan and Randie Roepke are teachers, DIY-ers, and barndominium enthusiasts who are currently building their dream barndo in southeast Missouri. An English teacher by trade, Morgan loves to research and write about barndominiums.

Her favorite thing is connecting with others in the vast barndo community about all things barndominium. Morgan and Randie have four young kids and are passionate about adoption, foster care, education, real estate, and football. 

Rachel Dawson

Rachel Dawson is an accomplished writer with a passion for all things barndominiums. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Rachel has established herself as one of the leading authorities on the subject of barndominium design and lifestyle.

Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Barndominium Life, where she regularly contributes articles on a wide range of topics, from design trends and tips to the unique challenges and rewards of living in a barndominium. Rachel’s ability to write with both authority and accessibility has earned her a loyal following among readers and enthusiasts alike.
Her commitment to excellence and her unwavering dedication to the barndominium lifestyle make her a true asset to the Barndominium Life community.

Michael O’Connor

Michael O’Connor is a seasoned barndominium writer passionate about creating unique and innovative barndominiums. With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Michael has established himself as a leading expert in barndominium design and construction.

His work has been featured in several respected publications, including Barndominium Life, where he frequently contributes articles on best practices and emerging trends in the field. Michael’s ability to blend traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology and design concepts has earned him a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable writers in the industry.

todd and cathy mcginnis

Noah Edis

Noah Edis is a passionate staff writer at Barndominium Life, a leading online resource for all things barndominium. With years of experience in the writing industry, Noah has made a name for himself as a skilled storyteller and a knowledgeable authority on the topic of barndominiums.

Noah is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, where he earned a degree in English Language and Literature. When he’s not writing about barndominiums, he can be found exploring the great outdoors, trying new restaurants, or spending time with his family and friends. Noah is dedicated to his craft and is always striving to improve his writing skills and knowledge of the barndominium lifestyle.

Connect with Noah on LinkedIn

Amanda Armendariz

Amanda Armendariz is an accomplished writer with a passion for all things home design and renovation. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Amanda has established herself as a leading voice in the world of barndominium living. Her work has been featured in a number of prominent publications, including Barndominium Life, where she currently serves as a contributing writer.

Amanda’s expertise extends beyond the page as well, as she has hands-on experience in the renovation and design of barndominiums. Her ability to blend practical knowledge with creative flair has made her a sought-after consultant for those looking to transform their own spaces into stunning and functional homes.

When she’s not writing or designing, Amanda can be found exploring the countryside with her husband and kids, seeking out inspiration for her next project. Her passion for the beauty and simplicity of rural living is evident in everything she does, and her commitment to helping others achieve their barndominium dreams is unmatched.

Cathy and Todd McGinnis

Cathy and Todd McGinnis built their dream barndominium just outside Charlotte in Marshville, NC. They love the debt-free lifestyle that a barndominium has helped them live. Believe it or not, their build cost a grand total of $180,000 – far cheaper than building a traditional home.

Their home has been featured multiple times on Barndominium Life – click here to view the photos.

You can follow along on their Instagram page @hickorynutfarmbarndominium

Matt and Jamie Buckner – We are Matt and Jamie Buckner. We are currently building our third home on our 21 acre farm in Georgia. We bought our starter home in a neighbor hood at 18 and 20. Kids came along and we out grew the house so we built our second home at 21 and 23. We decided we did not want to raise our kids in a neighborhood so we bought property and now at 25 and 27 we are building a barndo. It is scheduled to be finished in July 2021!

You can follow along on Instagram and Facebook. Posts on Barndominium Life are coming soon!

The Story

I first heard about barndominiums like many others – when Chip and Joanna Gaines featured the barndominium on Fixer Upper. I instantly wanted to learn more!

When I first set out looking for more information on barndos, I was a bit confused. I quickly realized that there was a dearth of information on barndominiums online. From finding a barndominium floor plan, to finding a local builder, to kit providers – no one was writing about the barndominium.

Quickly stumped, I did more digging. There HAD to be more people like me, right? And there were. After researching on Facebook, I found a burgeoning community of barndominium enthusiasts within various Facebook groups. Today, these communities count nearly 100,000 members and are active every single day. After researching barndominiums for hours and hours, my contribution to the barndo community is this website, My aim is to educate, inform, and inspire you to take action and Build Your Dream Barndominium.

And build we have. gets over 100,000 pageviews each month, all with the intent of learning more about barndos. Our 138 page eBook is the #1 new release in Home Design on a little website called

And each day, pictures and stories of new barndominiums make their way to our site in order to inspire others to build THEIR dream barndominium.

Wherever you are in your barndominium journey, welcome. We hope you enjoy.

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