Hi, I’m Don Howe. I run BarndominiumLife.com and became inspired to do so after becoming infatuated with barndominiums and the barndo lifestyle.

As a lifelong devotee to an outdoors and hands-on lifestyle, the barndominium was instantly appealing. Long had I dreamed to escape city and suburban life, and after seeing the the Fixer Upper episode on barndominiums, I was hooked.

The first barndominium I ever saw, from Fixer Upper in 2016. It was not the last I saw!

When I first set out looking for more information on barndos, I was a bit confused. I quickly realized that there was a dearth of information on barndominiums online. From finding a barndominium floor plan, to finding a local builder, to interior design ideas – no one was writing about the barndominium.

Quickly stumped, I did more digging. There HAD to be more people like me, right? And there were. After researching on Facebook, I found a burgeoning community of barndominium enthusiasts within various Facebook groups. Today, these communities count nearly 100,000 members and are active every single day.

After researching barndominiums for hours and hours, my contribution to the barndo community is this website, BarndominiumLife.com. My aim is to educate, inform, and inspire you to take action and Build Your Dream Barndominium.

And build we have. BarndominiumLife.com gets over 250,000 pageviews each month, all with the intent of learning more about barndos. Our 138 page eBook is the #1 new release in Home Design on a little website called Amazon.com.

barndominium ebook cover

Build Your Dream Barndominium

Get started today with our eBook "Build Your Dream Barndominium" and view the first three chapters FREE for the rest of the month.

And each day, pictures and stories of new barndominiums make their way to our site in order to inspire you to build YOUR dream barndominium.

Wherever you are in your barndominium journey, welcome. We hope you enjoy.

To contact us, please email me directly at d – o – n *at* barndominiumlife.com

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