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Add Your Barndominium For Sale Listing

Are you a real estate agent selling a barndominium on behalf of your client? With’s listing service, you can get the word out about your property to hundreds of thousands of barndo enthusiasts. We’ll help you sell the barndominium you have in less time and at a higher price.

There are two main options for listing your barndominium with us:

Option #1: Blog Post + Social Media Promotion – $150

In the first option, we will take the pictures and MLS description and incorporate those into a blog post that gets posted on our website and on our “Barndominiums for Sale by State” pages.

See example here of a state page –

See example here for what the blog post ends up looking like –

These are high-converting pages that show up in Google search results when people search terms such as “Barndominium for Sale in Texas” or “Barndominiums For Sale Near Me”

The next major benefit of Option 1 is that we circulate the blog post to our social media followings. We have a ton of followers which increases exposure for your listing!

62k followers on Facebook

38k followers on IG

93k followers on Pinterest

As you can see, the social media following is quite large and as a real estate agent selling a barndominium you can tap into our audience!

Option #2: Blog Post + Social Media + Email Distribution – $300

In option #2, you get everything that’s included in option 1 with one huge difference. With option #2, your barndominium listing gets sent out to our email list which currently has 34,000+ subscribers (as of November 2022).

This email blast goes directly into the inboxes of barndominium fanatics and ensures that your listing gets the eyeballs and exposure it needs in order to sell. From what we’ve seen, barndominiums that are featured on our email list tend to go viral and people send it to their friends and say “hey, check this out!”

CLICK HERE to sign up for Option #1

CLICK HERE to sign up for Option #2

P.S. After you check out, you’ll be prompted to put in the property info and website link for the property.