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DIY Checklist for Finish-Out

DIY Checklist for Finish-Out

NOTE: This list includes everything typically needed to finish out a barndominium shell. Remember to remove any items that are furnished by the kit builder (i.e., slab, interior framing, cabinets, countertops, etc.)

  • Drywall – for interior walls
  • Doors – exterior, interior, sliding/foldout
  • Windows – outside
  • Electrical  – wiring, boxes, etc.
  • Interior Framing – wood studs
  • Cabinets – for kitchen and bath
  • Countertops – whatever type you can afford
  • Fixtures – toilets, sinks, water heater, shower
  • Plumbing – for the sinks, tubs and toilets
  • Paint – enough to cover all the walls and ceiling
  • Flooring – whatever type you can afford
  • Roof – this is included on metal structures

How much to budget for each item? Use this handy online estimating tool. Walk through each step, ignoring the green buttons and other irrelevant come-ons, which lead to ads. Then, upon completion, export a copy for editing.

Go through and remove each item that doesn’t apply. Zero out the labor number for tasks you plan to do yourself.

To estimate just costs for finish-out, remove the lines at the bottom for Construction Plans and Specs, along with Contractor Overhead and Profit.

The resulting bottom line number should conservatively estimate your costs