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Rustic Interior Kansas Shouse | 3400 Sq Ft with Epic Landscape

Rustic Interior Kansas Shouse

The home always holds a significant meaning to its owners, whether it is bought or custom-built. It is where family dreams come true, being a tangible footprint of a life’s hard work. And this is especially true for the Rustic Interior Kansas Shouse in Wichita.


What makes the Kansas Shouse remarkable is that the interior is built out of barns and sheds the owners tore down or helped tear down. The house design was inspired by Pinterest which the owners have compiled and fallen in love with. Different great ideas were put together to create this amazing home. The result is a real farm-style, beautiful rustic look interior and an equally captivating exterior and landscape.

The landscape of this home and beautiful views from the back of the house are breathtaking. What a great way to relax and enjoy nature when you’re settled in the porch on a hammock, watching a view of the lake. And if you’re feeling like being more adventurous and enjoy a walk in the forest, the bridge will make it easier for you to cross the lake and get to the other side.

Rustic Interior Kansas Shouse Exterior view
Front exterior view
Master suites exterior
View of the porch at dawn
Main entrance
Rock set pavement


The structure of this house has a 40×40 main living space with a 20×40 loft with bedrooms, and an open bedroom. It also has a 24×36 wing with two master suites. On the other side of the wing, it has a 15×15 screened-in porch/breezeway connecting the main house and 30×30 shop.

Enjoy a real farmhouse vibe indoor with wood and corrugated tins to give the rustic fix. If you’re into hunting, animal head mounts are definitely something to appreciate in the different parts of the house. There is beauty in reclaimed old materials and that’s what gives the interior a familiar and homey feel especially to the owners.

The cabinets are made of rough-cut oak in charcoal grey color and corrugated tin in rust for the wall siding. The interior is mainly of dark earth colors which are brightened up thanks to the huge windows. The shouse has these huge glass windows from the floor to the ceiling of about 16′ wall, with a beautiful lake and sunrise/sunset view.

Living Room

Living area with fireplace
Living area
View of the living area from 2nd floor
Stairs to second floor
huge windows

Kitchen and Dining Area

There are a couple of amazing pieces in this part of the house. For one, the 10-seater harvest table is a real beauty, built from a large ponderosa pine tree that died. The other has to be the kitchen and island countertops. They look like slabs of polished concrete. We love that the sides and corners of the countertops are not really polished, the imperfection giving the idea of an artisan work and crafty finish. Rusty corrugated tins also work beautifully on the overhead and under counter cabinets to complete the barn-style look.

dining area
Dining table
View of stained concrete floor, kitchen, and loft
Center island with cooking area
Kitchen countertops


Bedrooms have a quite different setup. Two master suites are in a separate wing of the house with a porch connecting both rooms. The two other rooms are on the second floor of the house. There is also a loft-style open bedroom right at the 29′ ceiling peak accessible by a ladder. The view from this room has to be epic, I am sure!

Master bedroom
Loft open bedroom
Ladder to open bedroom


Downstairs bathroom
Screened-in porch

Rustic Interior Kansas Shouse Floor Plan

It all starts with a dream, and from that dream you put together ideas of what works for your family’s lifestyle. It never hurts to borrow ideas that have worked for other people, as long as it also works with your preferred design. Surely, the result is an even more gorgeous home for you and your family!

Floor plan

For more house ideas, is a group of shouse experts, enthusiasts, and fanatics. This website will help you provide the information you need to help you build the shop house of your dream, wherever your location is!