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Alaska Shop House | 4,400 Sq Ft with Breathtaking Hillside View

Alaska Shop House

This Alaska Shop House is personally designed by the owners. The home turned out just how they planned it to be. Built on the hillside on top of solid rock, you can just imagine a breathtaking view everywhere.

Building Your Dream Home

One of the most important and difficult decisions when starting to plan on building your home is where to buy land. Deciding on the location of your dream home has a lot of factors that need to be considered. Climate can be one of those; accessibility; the kind of neighborhood; and cost of land, materials, labor, and building requirements among others.

And for many of us, together with all of these things, we all definitely would love a great view. Some will even pay a higher price for the beautiful view of where their homes will be built. Planning your home can be stressful, especially when still starting up. But rest assured it’s all worth it!

Shop House land area
Shop house draft

Alaska Shop House Exterior

Designed on graph paper, the structure is designed to withstand 120-mile an hour winds. It’s built within a beautiful wooded property. This home took 14 months total to build with a building crew of 4. The entire home is 4,400 sq ft with the entire slab underneath insulated, including around the outside perimeter with rigid foam and installed heat pumps. You could say that the entire place is electric-powered.

We gotta hand it to the owners, the view just makes you speechless and contemplate how beautiful life is, just like the captivating scenery around this home. From this aerial shot, the exterior colors are very neutral, perfectly blending in with nature. The owners are definitely right to put in lots of huge glass windows and doors. Letting natural light in just keeps the entire place bright indoors. Plus, really, it’s all about the view. This is totally the “one with nature” vibe.

The covered patio is 12 feet wide. That’s a lot of space for outdoor gatherings or just relaxing. And if that’s not enough, there’s even more space around the yard for any activity requiring a bigger open area. There will never be parking problems when guests come over to visit.

Alaska Shop House Aerial View
Back view

Alaska Shop House Interior

Just like the outside, the interior showcases lots of space with an open concept living room, dining, and kitchen. Recliners sit between the kitchen and living spaces making this space very cozy. Think of sitting in these comfy chairs, warm blankets wrapped around you while watching a movie. Definitely one of the best ways to unwind when the day is over.

Even being indoors, you can never miss the beauty of nature- captured and framed, and visible through the glass doors and windows.

The kitchen is also spacious. What’s great is that windows occupy the walls instead of overhead cabinets. The only upper cabinets are in the corner, the rest of the storage is deep drawers on the kitchen counters and center island.

From the farther end of the kitchen, a flip-up bar window is installed between the kitchen and the shop. It has a 5-feet quartz countertop. What better way to pass on snacks for those in the shop than straight from the kitchen, right?

Living room
Open concept living room and kitchen
Kitchen sink with great view
Kitchen and center island
Flip-up bar window


The entire upstairs is just the master bedroom area. We love that they have the tv projected on the ceiling above the bed, a huge bathroom, bathroom pantry, steam shower, laundry room, master closet with chandeliers, and even a coffee bar. Yep, all within the bedroom. Plus an epic view, that’s definitely a totally luxurious feel. There is also one small guest room downstairs.

Carpeted master bedroom
Work station in the bedroom
Closet with chandeliers
Steam shower
Bathroom sink
Master bedroom coffee bar

Shop Area

This beautiful home has a massive shop. Because why not? The owner’s vehicle-related hobby requires lots of shop space. Surely, the owner spends most of his time in this area of the house so might as well make it huge, complete, and must have enough space to keep several vehicles indoors. There’s even a firetruck in there!

And with lots of tools and vehicle parts, there need to be lots of storage as well. The owner builds loft-style storage spaces to keep unused stuff out of the way.

The shop is also a great place to gather guests as it has a bar vibe in here. Just switch the neon lights on, some food and drinks over the flip-up bar window and everything’s set! Check out more photos of this garage to give you huge garage ideas fit for automotive hobbies.

Shop Exterior
Shop interior
Shop interior
Flip-up bar from the shop
Neon lights on inside the shop
Wood stove inside the shop

Pond in Progress


Final Thoughts: Alaska Shop House

Alaska Shop House kitchen view
Kitchen view

Looking at your dream home and ultimately living in it is definitely satisfying and very inspiring. We absolutely love this home inside and out, especially the million-dollar view.

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