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8 Impressive 30×60 Barndominium with Shop Floor Plans That Maximize Space

Ready to combine your dream home with your dream shop? Look no further than these 30×60 barndominium with shop floor plans. You will fall in love with all the features in your home as well as the included shop on your home. With so many great barndominium with shop floor plans to choose from you are sure to find your dream home among them.

30×60 Barndominium Kits

If you’re looking to start building your barndominium, one of the first things to do is to get a quote for the metal shell or barndominium kit. By using the quote service below, you’ll get connected with a barndominium kit provider within a few hours at most. Prefabricated barndominium kits mean that the metal shell that makes up your barndo is produced off-site, then it’s brough to you for erection and assembly. While some builders will help you order the barndominium kit, we suggest doing it separately to avoid a potential markup on the barndominium kit.

That’s it! By using the tool above you’ll get connected with a kit provider for 30×60 Barndominium Kits.

30×60 Barndominium with Shop Floor Plans

Below are 8 unique floor plans specially created for 30×60-foot barndominiums incorporating a shop. Don’t worry if you fall in love with one as they are mostly ready to use, after you’ve spoken with an architecture firm Or you can regard them as inspiration for creating your own according to your family’s lifestyle.

30×60 Barndominium with Shop Floor Plans – Classic Designs with Master Bedroom

Maybe you’ve been thinking of adding a master bedroom to your home. But you doubt that your space can accommodate it when you need to allocate square footage to a shop as well. The following floor plans will change your mind.

30×60 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Barndominium with Shop Example 1 – PL-60201

If you’re looking for a vertical layout for your home, then this floor plan is the one for you. The left half follows a functional linear pattern, with the front door opening to the living room followed by the dining area and the kitchen.

Meanwhile, the front part of the right half is occupied by a shop with its own door very near the main entrance. It is also accessible only from the living room to ensure privacy and prevent disruption of the household’s traffic flow.

The back section of this barndo is reserved for the living quarters: a master bedroom with a master bathroom and master closet, and 2 extra bedrooms with a standalone common bathroom.

View PL-60201 Here

1200 Sq Ft 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1 Story Catalina Barndominium PL-60202

With 1200 sq ft of heated open-concept space, a single bedroom and bathroom, a dedicated sewing room, and a 2-car garage, it’s a compact yet spacious home that caters to your lifestyle.

Buy PL-60202 Here

30×60 Barndominium with Shop Example 3 – PL60203

This barndo design is very similar to the one above, but it’s specially drafted for families with more than one child. It designates a narrower central part for the living room, dining area and the kitchen. The pantry and laundry room are also removed. As a result, extra space is opened up for an additional bedroom,

The shop area remains untouched, so you still get the same large space for your hobby or home-based business.

View PL-60203 Here

30×60 Barndominium with Shop Example 4 – PL-60204

Is a horizontal layout more your style? You will love this floor plan, then. Its front door opens to the dining area with the living room to the left and the shop next to it. The kitchen enjoys a spacious corner right behind the dining area.

With its strategic location in the front-middle part, the living room branches out to all other sections of the home.

The back of the barndo is where the bedrooms are situated. You have a master bedroom with a master bathroom and master closet, plus an extra bedroom with one bathroom beside it.

View PL-60204 Here

30×60 Barndominium with Shop Floor Plans – Open Concept with Porch and Home Office

If your family wishes to move more freely through the common areas, you should consider the open concept. This style merges the living and dining rooms into one wide and open space.

30×60 Barndominium with Shop Example 5 – PL60205

A masterpiece in maximizing space, this blueprint will pleasantly surprise you with all the features you can fit in a 30 x 60 barndominium.

The shop area’s design is a dream come true for families running a business from home. It comes with an office, and a storage room, along with its own entrance door complete with a porch on the front corner. For convenience, the shop is also accessible from the house via the utility room that connects it to the kitchen.

In the living area of the house, the front door is cleverly situated to the side instead of the front. This ensures privacy for the occupants when clients and suppliers visit.

Another great feature of this dwelling is the open concept where the living room and dining area are not assigned specific spots. This way, you can rearrange furniture and appliances when the need arises. Also, the kitchen is endowed with a pantry and a closet, and the utility room with a back door exit.

From the living room, you can access the 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. Another bathroom stands opposite one of the bedrooms.

View PL-60205

30×60 Barndominium with Shop Example 6 – PL-60206

If you love the above floor plan but prefer the porch to be added to the living area instead of the home office, then this layout is your answer. The two are very similar, with only a few iterations:

First, the porch, front door, open area and kitchen are placed in the middle while the entrance to the shop is on the side of the structure. Just the same, the shop is still accessible from inside the abode through a door opposite the kitchen.

Second, the utility room is moved to the front part of the home and is equipped with two doors so it can be accessed both from the open space inside and from outside.

And lastly, one bedroom comes with its own bathroom while the other bedroom is built with an adjacent bathroom.

View PL-60206 Here

30×60 Barndominium with Shop Example 7 – PL-60207

We love porches! If you do, too, then you will be charmed by this barndo. It has both a front porch and a back porch with an open space in between them. It is a brilliant way of distinguishing the work and rest areas.

To the right are the kitchen, a utility room, and a half bath. The office door is cleverly hidden and can be accessed only by going around the kitchen island. Plus, you can enter the shop only through the office.

On the left side of the open space are 2 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

View PL-60207 Here

30×60 Barndominium with Shop Example 8 – PL-60208

BONUS: A floor plan with a shop, home office and patio!

Yes, we love patios as much as we do porches. And in this floor plan, the patio leads to the open area of the living/dining room.

The layout is almost identical to the previous one, but this time, the kitchen is where the back porch used to be, and it gains a pantry. Also, the office is more accessible, though it remains the only way to the shop.

View PL-60208 Here

Design Your Own 30×60 Barndominium with Shop Floor Plans

By now, you would have been convinced that a barndominium is the perfect dwelling to erect on a 30×60-foot land.

If the floor plans we presented above sparked your interest, and your own unique ideas, why not create your own? It’s really easy using our custom design software which gives a visual of your floor plan. All you need to do is just add your specs to the template.


For more information on how to design and build a barndominium, the Barndominium Life Program is also a treasure trove of tips and ideas.