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60×100 Concrete Slab Cost | Pricing Important Factors

Most barndominiums are built on slab foundations. While a concrete slab costs less compared to a basement foundation, pouring the concrete can still cost thousands of dollars.

So, how much does a 60×100 concrete slab cost? According to statistics, the national average cost of a concrete slab is about $6 per square foot. However, the prices can range from $4 to $8 per square foot based on the features of the slab. A 60×100-foot concrete slab may cost $24,000 to $48,000, with a median price of $36,000.

Yet, a variety of factors impact the cost of pouring a concrete slab for a barndominium. Here is a closer look at the concrete slab costs.

60x100 Concrete Slab Cost

What Does a 60×100 Concrete Slab Include?

If you work with a contractor, you can expect the concrete slab to include a sturdy wood frame called a “wood form”. The concrete is created by mixing water, cement, and aggregate material. Rebar is lined around the perimeter for extra strength.

Some of the main features found in the typical concrete slab include:

  • 3000 PSI concrete with a total depth of 6 inches
  • Wood for creating the wood form for the perimeter
  • Fiber mesh reinforcement for extra strength
  • Rebar support around the inner perimeter
  • Labor for completing the project

Concrete slabs can vary in cost from $4 to $8 per square foot. Here are a few of the features that influence your total cost:

  • The thickness of the concrete slab
  • The thickness of the edges
  • Added material for increased durability
  • The cost of labor and materials in your regions

The cost of labor and materials in your region may vary compared to the national average. California, Washington, and Massachusetts are some of the most expensive states for new construction projects. Labor and materials tend to cost less in the South and Midwest.

Average 60×100 Concrete Slab Cost Based on Thickness

Along with the cost of labor and materials in your region, you should consider the thickness of the slab. Here are the average costs for material for pouring a concrete slab of varying thicknesses:

  • 4-inch slab: $2.83 per square foot
  • 5-inch slab: $3.20 per square foot
  • 6-inch slab: $3.57 per square foot

A 4-inch slab may cost about $0.74 less per square foot compared to the national average of $6 per square foot, as the average is based on a 6-inch-thick slab. Keep in mind that a thinner slab is more prone to cracking. However, there are additional features that can increase the strength of the slab.

slab foam insulation

Average Cost of Extra Features for a Slab Foundation

Some of the extra features that you can include to increase the durability of your slab include:

  • Thicker edges: $1 per square foot
  • A vapor barrier: $0.50 per square foot
  • Extra wire mesh reinforcement: $0.40 per square foot
  • Extra site preparation work: $0.60 to $1.25 per square foot

Including all these features can add $3.15 per square foot to your total. For a 60×100 concrete slab, you can expect an extra cost of close to $18,900.

Should You Hire a Contractor for a 60×100 Concrete Slab?

Another consideration is whether you should hire a contractor or pour it yourself. The average cost of labor for pouring a concrete slab is about $2.40 per square foot. With a DIY project, you may spend about $3.60 per square foot for a 6-inch slab. To get an estimate of the cost of pouring concrete, you can use a concrete slab calculator to help determine costs.

A 60×100 DIY concrete slab may cost about $21,600. Hiring a contractor can cost about $36,000. You can save a significant amount of money if you choose to handle the project yourself. Yet, hiring a contractor brings peace of mind. You can ensure that the job is done correctly but need to spend a little more.