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Criminal Charges Filed On Barndominium Builder Bobby Bates

In Leavenworth, Missouri, it is a sad day for Mallory and Drew Simmons as their dreams of owning a barndominium are slipping away thanks to problems with their barndominium builder, Bobby Bates.

The Simmons family was excited to build the barndominium of their dreams. They were dreaming of a big kitchen with a huge island and windows! Drew Simmons was looking forward to a large shop as well. Those dreams came crashing down soon after hiring Bobby Bates to build their barndominium.

Simmons said they found Bates checked his background and found no problems. Most of the communication with the couple and Bates was through text and email as they were out of town traveling.

Drew Bates said, “He seemed knowledgeable. He knew he knew what he was talking about. I mean, he even gave us a spreadsheet of a timeline on when he was going to have guys here for concrete, when he was going to have the materials were going to be delivered.”

Once their bank released $149,738.88 to buy supplies, that is when the problems started. Simmons said from that point forward, it was excuse after excuse from Bates.

“His daughter was in the hospital or having trouble breathing. His wife was in a car accident. He had COVID and was having trouble breathing,” recalls Mallory Simmons.

Eventually, the Simmons Family filed a police report to discover that Bates also faced charges in Pike County, Missouri for stealing and deceptive business practices. Looking further into this, it was for a barndominium that was never built as well.

It doesn’t stop there with Bates problems; more court documents point to another case in Audrian County for signing a contract to build a pole barn home that was never built.

As this was happening, Mallory Simmons recalled saying, “I just looked at him, and I just started bawling. And he (Drew) said, ‘Did we get got?’ And I said I think so,” recalled Mallory Simmons.

“I mean, just you feel it in your stomach. It made us sick to our stomachs. It was horrible. I cried,” said Drew Simmons.

As a result of the failed project and lousy contractor, the Simmons Family is still living in their RV with their two young children, staring at their leveled lot that was supposed to be their dream barndominium.

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Bobby Bates faces criminal charges of theft by deception, computer crime, and deceptive commercial practice. He is currently in Pike County, Missouri Jail.

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