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Barndominiums You Can’t Wait to See


Here’s your chance to see barndominium images, ideas, and inspiration you might not have thought of or seen — ever!

All of which can go straight into your dream barndo scrapbook, corkboard or shoebox to await the day you can incorporate it into YOUR barndominium.

An uber modern dairy barndominium

Imagine taking a huge old 1870s dairy barn just outside Boston and renovating it with the help of a crew from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. The result might be this extraordinary barndominium with a futuristic chrome fireplace next to a boardroom style dining table, a glass enclosed shower for two (with wall sconces IN the shower) and a mysterious little wash basin that features shallow marble steps for the convenience of the little ones whom we assume live here. (You’ll need to look hard for it.) Enjoy!…

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From a big barn home to a small one

Now we’re going much smaller than the museum-like structure above. This is a 40×48 barn kit from The picturesque little barn below is currently pulling duty as a winery, but the kits, starting around $50k, are sold also with sample floor plans and DIY instructions on how to put one together yourself. Imagine the possibilities…

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Here’s a barndominium from Way Down Under

And, the United States isn’t the only country embracing barndominiums. Here are a few shots from a barndo outside Victoria in Australia. Note in particular the unique post and beam entry way canopy and the huge barn door leading in and also the compact elevator next to the stairs for folks who might like the idea of a 2-story barndominium but cannot climb stairs. Here’s the website for the company that makes those small elevators – they’re in Virginia, not Australia…

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A white and chrome barn home on the West Coast

Now we turn to the growing trend of modern barn homes, all white tones and chromium. And, while not traditional in any way, this barndominium in California nevertheless commands attention while still remaining comfortable enough for the young couple that owns it – and its surrounding 160 acres – to raise three kids in it…

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YankeeBarnHomes: inside a popular carriage house kit

Here’s a barndominium you might have seen on the outside but today you can take a peek inside. It’s a cozy 2 story, 1 BR carriage house kit manufactured by

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Here’s a Christmas glimpse of an iconic barndominium

Located somewhere in Iowa, this gambrel-style farmhouse’s exterior has been featured far and wide, but only captured rarely inside. Today, we get to see it all dressed up for Christmas.

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A two story historic wonder in chrome & glass

This modern barndominium started life as a free-standing barn structure in 1781 outside Middleborough, NY. But thanks to the restorative efforts of the folks at Heritage Barns, it gets a second lease on life, moved and recreated in Spicewood, TX.

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Texas Proud to be a Barndominium

Sealy, Texas barndo owner Shelly Martin recently listed  her property for sale on It’s a 3 BR 2 BA, 2400 sq ft gem of interior decorating prowess. We think you’ll agree. We just wonder if she’s selling it with all those Texas motif furnishings intact? 

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Here’s a luxury ranch style barndo with wooden beams

Money no object in finishing out your big barndominium? Here are 22 shots inside — and outside– a luxury ranch style barndo designed by Tiffany Fartha group, Wichita, Kansas. Watch especially for the dark wood-paneled gentlemen’s walk-in wardrobe and the terraced outdoor kitchen with fireplace.…/0n8shwriihg1m4fi0o5fiam…

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Over the top barndo in Utah draws 235 likes and 773 shares on FB page

What if you had all the money in the world and you could build an over-the-top barn home with 21,000 sq ft, 9 BR, 17.5 BA, and a theatre room big enough to stage a Shakespearean play? Oh, wait. It’s already been done on a lake outside Orem, Utah. Enjoy!

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Another barndo – this one for horse enthusiasts – draws 1,5k shares

What if you had all the money in the world — and you loved horses? You’d build an over-the-top equestrian center with living quarters — Oh, wait. It’s already been done. If you’re serious about keeping all your horses and a huge riding arena under one roof, contact these designers

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