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Eight Totally Terrific Barndominium Design Ideas With Corrugated Tin

barndominium design ideas
Contemporary Entry with Corrugated Sheet Metal | Cushman Design Group

Today’s topic for discussion: barndominium design ideas 

No one seems to know exactly who originated the idea of decorating the inside of a dwelling place with corrugated tin, but today we’re applying the concept to create a few barndominium design ideas

Traditionally, corrugated tin  has perched atop farmhouses and outbuildings, or even silos — for at least two hundred years.

And, it has offered reliable, durable protection against the elements when nailed to many an old fashioned pole barn. Horses and cattle still shelter in them, from one end of the U.S. to the other.

A refreshing and rare photo spread

So we were pleased to run across these images on Pinterest the other day. And to find that each one led to an actual feature article somewhere (so often Pinterest links lead nowhere).

Here they are:

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Guest Room Reveal with Reclaimed Corrugated Metal | Knick of Time Interiors
Modern Guesthouse Bathroom with Corrugated Metal | Victor Samuel Photography
French Farmhouse with Corrugated Metal | One Kind Design
Corrugated Metal in Sliding Barn Door | Esther Hershcovich