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Charming Decatur Metal Home by HL Custom Homes

This charming Decatur Metal Home by HL Custom Homes Barndominium is full of great details that make it feel ready to host all kinds of fun moments. This builder went outside the box with some different choices than are typically made with barndominiums, which has resulted in some very cool effects. There’s a huge loft over the bedrooms and hallway, a gorgeous, massive fireplace, and high ceilings over the living room and the kitchen areas. 

This barndominium will inspire you with new ideas about what is possible with this kind of construction. 

Charming Decatur Metal Home by HL Custom Homes exterior


This charming Decatur Metal Home by HL Custom Homes Barndominium looks endearing from the outside, with a lovely little porch over the front and back door supported by sturdy wooden beams. 

The bottom third of the exterior is covered with stone, which contrasts beautifully with the green siding of the home. Several large, mature trees were left near the barndominium when it was constructed, offering pleasant shade on the otherwise grassy lot.

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Charming Decatur Metal Home by HL Custom Homes outside


The master bathroom is spacious, luxurious, and classy. It is separated from the master bedroom by a sliding barn door made of a beautiful, heavy, rustic wood. The barn door is arranged so that when it is open, it perfectly fills the space next to the doorway, so it looks good, either open or closed. 

Charming Decatur Metal Home by HL Custom Homes bathroom

His and her sinks are framed in a lovely marble countertop that stretches all the way across the bathroom space. The cabinet under the sinks is made of similar rustic wood as the door. It is unusual in that there is an open space and surface underneath the sinks. This makes the space seem larger and offers the perfect place to display things that can be enjoyed from the stand-alone tub.

Charming Decatur Metal Home by HL Custom Homes tub

The stand-alone tub is situated near the middle of the room, on the other side of a wall that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom. It has lovely fixtures and even a shower head. A gorgeous chandelier hangs down over the tub. The same tile in the shower also stretches around the wall to the back of the tub.

The shower is large and equipped with separate shower heads for a fully immersive experience. Narrow, long tiles in shades of black, grey, and white are wonderfully complemented by small rounded tiles on the floor.

In the other bathroom, the same kind of tile that is used in the master bathroom shower is employed. A small built-in shelf is a convenient feature for the shower. The cabinets are built the same way as in the master bathroom, with a surface space for display or visible storage in the middle of the structure.

How to Build Your Own Barndominium & 200+ Floor Plans

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The master bedroom is roomy, especially since the barn door leading to the master bathroom doesn’t take up any extra space. A walk-in closet off the master bedroom provides plenty of shelving and hanging space for clothes and other storage.

All of the bedrooms are carpeted and have ceiling fans with overhead lighting. Plenty of windows allow for natural light. Doors are white with inlay details and charmingly contrasted dark metal hardware that adds a lot of style to the space. Details like crown molding throughout make these bedrooms feel ready to live in.

Living Space

This barndominium has a classic layout, with a large open concept living area and kitchen separated from the bedrooms by a hallway. A beautiful polished concrete floor is used throughout for a seamless effect.

A huge fireplace dominates the living area. It stretches from the floor to the slope of the ceiling. It’s made of large, white stones that contrast with the wooden ceiling and brown polished concrete floors. The chimney is bare but for a simple wooden mantel over the fireplace.

An island separates the kitchen from the living space. It’s a large, square island with a beautiful white marble surface. The sink is built into the island so that you can easily chat with people in the living room while you’re doing the dishes. 

Rustic wood that matches the barn door used in the master bedroom is used to construct the kitchen cabinets and the island. Unlike many barndominium homes that reduce the ceiling height over the kitchen, this barndominium leaves high ceilings over the kitchen and the living area, creating a very open and airy feeling in this space. A lovely chandelier hangs down over the island, helping to pull the space together.

A stunning spiral staircase leads to an upper landing. The entire living space and the kitchen are visible from the landing.


This barndominium makes an unusual choice in how they utilize the high ceilings typical of barndominium homes. The high ceilings are left intact over the living space and kitchen, but a lofted space is created over the bedrooms. This lofted space is huge, covering over half of the barndominium, the entire area taken up by the hallway and bedrooms. 

It is carpeted to help keep sound from transferring to the bedrooms below. There is lots of recessed lighting in the sloped ceiling. A gorgeous wide beam runs across the loft and into the living area.


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