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Cost Per Square Foot: A Video Tutorial

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If you’re thinking about building – or buying – a barndominium, this video is your first stop. It’s a simple breakdown of how the square foot costs roll up into a final price, and how the choices you make will cause it to go up or down — more affordable or less.

It points out that many owner-builders have cut costs and saved time by getting a “kit” or pre-made shell from one of the national vendors who will deliver it to your acreage, ready for setup by a crew either arranged for by you, as general contractor, or by them by prearrangement with a local builder.

Here’s a short list of builders who offer kits for delivery inside the U.S.

  • Metal Building Homes – This is the ,org company, not the .com company.
  • Allwood Outlet — specializing in purely wooden kits – no need for a contractor, but they sell mostly ultra small cabin kits.
  • Absolute Steel Texas — one of the current leaders in small barndo kit building – they will ship you a shell DIY or help you find a contractor. They also offer turnkey options. We also feature them in a related article elsewhere on this site.
  • Worldwide Steel Buildings — will ship your kit anywhere and offer tips on building it yourself or working with a contractor.
  • Arched Cabins — a sleek new take on the old Quonset hut, these kits are ultra affordable.

Plus there’s a construction section in this video covering most of the items you’ll need for finish-out if you’re one of the growing number around the country who are wanting to know how to build their own barndominium.

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