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Gorgeous Forest Barndominium in Florida by Mark Odom

This gorgeous forest barndominium in Florida features many of the characteristics that are most desirable in a barndominium home. It features plenty of space in a naturalistic setting, but still feels classic and cozy. 

If you’d like to design a barndominium because you want plenty of room affordably, but you’re wondering how to create a cozy feel, this home may be the perfect inspiration for you.

Gorgeous Forest Barndominium in Florida by Mark Odom exterior


This lovely barndominium is nestled in the midst of a dense forest. It is set back off of the road behind a long, winding driveway. Slender pine trees surround it on all sides. You would never know that there were even neighbors around when enjoying the views from the front porch. 

Gorgeous Forest Barndominium in Florida by Mark Odom arial view

This barndominium has classic siding painted a lovely blue color with natural stone accents around the porch and front door as well as to build up flower beds in the front. A peaked roof with multiple levels makes the shape dynamic and not barn-like at all. 

Gorgeous Forest Barndominium in Florida by Mark Odom carport

The roof is metal for long-term durability. A carport off to one side makes it easy to park and go into the house even in the pouring rain. It also provides the ideal place for grilling and hanging out no matter the weather. Red mulch alternates with natural pine needle ground-covering everywhere there isn’t grass, providing an attractive contrast.

Living Area

This barndominium features an open concept living area. Once you come into the house through the lovely front door with window side panels, you enter a small foyer that opens up into the primary living area. 

The kitchen features a huge island made of a single slab of granite with plenty of comfortable bar stools to entertain dozens of friends. A gas range is nestled into this island, and a stunning stainless steel vent descends down from the ceiling over it. 

The cabinetry is set a little bit down from the ceiling, providing room for decor and extra storage. The white cabinets against the white ceiling and walls are perfectly contrasted with the imitation hardwood floors. 

From the dividing island, you can look out over the extensive living area, offering a huge open space that is ideal for entertaining. Next to the kitchen and going towards the back door is a large pantry with plenty of food storage as well as a laundry nook with washing and drying machines and cabinets that match the kitchen cabinets.

A large fireplace serves as the centerpiece of the living area. It has a flat-screen TV over it and is nestled into a hearth of natural stone that matches the stones on the exterior of the home. Several wide windows, as well as the glass front door, provide beautiful views of the forest surrounding. Huge glass doors open up to join the living area with the patio space, perfect for enjoying pleasant Florida weather.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The master bedroom is large enough to be a second living area. It features a king-size bed which appears tiny in this vast space. An electric fireplace is nestled into the corner with a large, flat-screen TV over it. Two rocking armchairs sit at the foot of the bed, offering the perfect place to lounge, relax, and watch TV before bed. 

In the master bathroom, a huge shower features an entire wall of glass to make the bathroom feel even bigger. The shower is adorned with a variety of tiles of different sizes with complimentary patterns that truly create a work of art. His and her sinks are nestled into a single piece of beautiful marble. 

A second bedroom has a huge built-in storage space perfect for a child’s things. A large pegboard is ideal for hanging things and there are baskets for miscellaneous organization. While this room isn’t as massive as the master bedroom, it is still large enough for a computer desk and a drum set as well as the built-in storage. 

A third bedroom also features built-in storage spaces which are perfect for decorations or functional storage with baskets.

There are large closets in both of the smaller bedrooms to fit everything that you don’t want displayed. While the master bedroom has the same hard floors as the rest of the house, the other two bedrooms have carpet. 

A huge walk-in closet has room for a huge range of clothing as well as other storage. There is even an island in the center that is useful for organization and also adds dimension to the room. 

Enjoyed Florida Living with this Gorgeous Forest Barndominium in Florida by Mark Odom 

If you’re wondering how to make the most of a big space without losing a sense of comfort, this lovely barndominium should be an inspiration to you. If you want even more inspiration, check out the Barndolife ebook which has endless ideas about how to live well affordably with a barndominium.