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Your Ultimate Pole Barn Materials List

Any kind of building project can be an interesting and rewarding challenge. Whether you are building a home or just want an extra outbuilding on your property, a pole barn is an excellent choice. They are incredibly versatile and have a lot of practical as well as financial benefits. However, before you get started, it is important to have a pole barn materials list that you can work from and start gathering. 

A pole barn materials list is a great way to know what you have to put together and what components are crucial. With the right materials in place, you can start building your home with confidence, knowing that you have the correct parts. To help get you started, we have put together a pole barn materials list. While this list certainly doesn’t include every single part, it does include the most important components and what their application is in the project. 

pole barn materials list

What is a Pole Barn?

A pole barn is a structure that is built using a post frame instead of a traditional timber frame. This frame type uses metal poles that are driven into the ground or a concrete slab foundation. Because of this unique construction, pole barns are incredibly durable and resistant to weather and other elements. With a solid pole barn materials list, you can be sure that your home will last for many years to come. 

Pole barns have a lot of benefits but one of the most important is their lower price. A pole barn materials list is much smaller than one for a traditional type of building. Plus, they take about half as long to build, which can save you a lot of money on labor costs for construction. This means that it is an accessible project to people who might otherwise not be able to build something like this. 

Pole Barn Materials List 

Before you get started on your pole barn project, it is important to know what you are getting into. By having a good idea of what should be on your pole barn materials list, you can start thinking about gathering supplies. Not all pole barns are the same, and some may need extra materials and components. However, by knowing the basic elements, you can figure out if it is the right project for your specific needs and goals. 

Laminated Columns 

The columns, or posts, are some of the most important pieces of a pole barn materials list. These posts support the roof and transfer the load of everything that is up off the ground. Because of this, you have to be sure that your columns are of the highest possible quality. This is why it is so important that your columns are laminated and are not just one single layer of wood. 

Laminated columns essentially mean that pieces of wood are nailed together for extra support. They are generally made up of 2×6, 2×8, or 2×10 pieces of lumber and are pressure treated for the best possible strength. These columns should be driven into the ground at least four feet if you want the right amount of support for your roof and the vertical load. 

pole barn materials list

High-Quality Fastening System 

A fastening system is a crucial consideration for your pole barn materials list. A fastening system essentially means the screws and bolts you use to put together your pole barn. These are most essential when considering how you are going to attach the roof and metal panels onto the post frame. Without proper hardware, your building will not be as stable and durable as it potentially could be. 

Stainless steel screws are almost always going to be the best choice for a fastening system. These fasteners have a 700-pound capacity, which is going to be more than enough for your pole barn. Making sure that you are using high-quality materials for your pole barn materials list will ensure that everything stays put for many years to come. 

Inspected Trusses

The trusses in your pole barn are responsible for holding up the roof in conjunction with the columns. Your pole barn materials list should include quality, inspected trusses that are designed to bear heavy loads. This is not something that you want to save money on. Whenever possible, be certain that your pole barn materials list includes high-quality raw materials like wood and steel for the trusses. 

Your trusses should be inspected by professionals to make sure there are no cracks or weak spots. They should also be made of Machine Stress-Rated (MSR) lumber. This ensures that they will not fail, even in instances of high wind or other types of weather conditions. 

High-Yield Metal Panels 

The metal panels that make up the exterior of your pole barn are another important part of your pole barn materials list. The purpose of these exterior panels is to transfer the load of the roof to the foundation. Because of this, they need to be rated for a high yield. This means that they will be able to take all kinds of use and abuse over the years. 

When choosing steel for your pole barn materials list, make sure there are plenty of ribs on the surface. The panels will be attached using the flat portions between the ribbing. The more flat parts there are, the more securely they can be attached to the frame. 

pole barn materials list

Efficient Doors and Windows 

Doors and windows are a major consideration for any pole barn materials list. Many people build pole barns because they are incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly. Use doors that have thermal breaks and windows with double panes. This will ensure that your pole barn materials list is set up to be as efficient and sustainable as possible, no matter what you use it for. 


Building a pole barn is a relatively simple process that many people will be able to navigate. By knowing what should be included in your pole barn materials list, you can make sure you have everything you need. With the right components, your pole barn can last for many years with very little maintenance and very few repairs. 

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