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Jason Hazuga’s Rustic Wisconsin Shouse

Jason Hazuga’s Rustic Wisconsin shouse may look straightforward from the outside, but once you step inside, you’ll be amazed by all of the rustic style that is accomplished at a very reasonable price. Touches like a natural pallet ceiling in the living area and a beautiful huge piece of natural granite with an unfinished edge for a kitchen counter add a rustic feel while plenty of polished touches keep the space feeling stylish. Jason Hazuga creates the perfect shouse floor plan to make this home really feel like home.

Jason Hazuga’s Rustic Wisconsin Barndominium exterior


This barndominium has a true barn look. If you’re looking for a barndominium that really looks like a barn, not just a big house in the country, you’ll appreciate the authenticity of this home. It sits in the midst of a cattle pasture, and cattle can be seen and their call heard from the windows. 

Jason Hazuga’s Rustic Wisconsin Barndominium dry creek

Along the side of the home is an attractive dry creek bed made from river stones and gravel with mulch on either side. Little accents like a wagon wheel and rustic bench seat add a lot of dimension to the space. The mulch area is separated from the grass by heavy, sturdy river stones. This area could be planted if desired, but looks great as a clean accent area as well. 

The front porch is defined by a large, sturdy swing hanging from a rustic chain. The porch ceiling is made from strong, rustic barn tin that was gifted from a family friend while the wood trim is also from an old barn. This porch roof adds a beautiful touch of authenticity 

Jason Hazuga’s Rustic Wisconsin Barndominium old truck

An antique truck has been turned into a planter with plenty of flowers in the bed and flags hanging where the wheels ought to be. Working headlights make it into a light fixture as well so it’s as cool in the evening as it is during the day. 

Living space

The interior of this barndominium has a classic look. The door frames and baseboard are made of a truly stunning highly textured wood grain with a lot of colors that add significant dimension throughout the home. 

The living room and kitchen are perfectly blended with an open-concept living space. The kitchen features beautiful natural wooden cabinetry and a lovely wood island that accents the wood floors very well. A couple of barstools by the kitchen island provide the perfect place to hang out and chat with whoever is cooking. 

The cabinets don’t go up to the ceiling, leaving plenty of room for decor. They are accented at the top with wood that stretches out sightly to draw the eye upward and make the space seem bigger. The sink is set into a massive piece of natural granite that extends the entire length of the counter. The edges have been left unfinished for a highly natural feel. A charming shade of blue was used on the walls that provides great contrast with the light-colored wood. 

However, what really defines the living room is the ceiling. It was created with old pallet boards that were brushed clean and mixed and matched for color to create a stunning effect. The sense of timelessness and rustic feel are truly unreplicable with new materials. As an added benefit, the pallet wood was completely free. 

Recessed lighting is added throughout the living area, and concentrated over the kitchen to add plenty of ambient light. There are also two lovely pendant lights hanging down over the kitchen island.


The master bathroom shower is a peaceful space with large natural grain stone tiles in a golden brown shade. An accent line of smaller tiles is set into the stone at about eye level.

The showerhead is a large, square fixture set into the very top of the shower to make it feel like it is raining when you are taking a shower. There is also a beautiful stand-alone tub with a simple fixture situated under the window that is a perfect place to relax and take in the view. 

Recessed lights are set into the ceiling over the shower to provide plenty of gentle light. The door into the bathroom is made of a highly textured beautiful wood grain that also matches the chair rail. The flooring is the same wide panel wood that is used throughout the rest of the house. 

The other bathroom also utilizes natural tiles with a more traditional showerhead. Small, colorful tiles create a lovely effect on the floor. 


This shouse takes advantage of the vast space available for a functional and massive garage area, big enough to be a workspace for a serious craftsman. Sturdy concrete floors offer a good workspace and there is plenty of overhead lighting and fans throughout. 

Jason Hazuga’s Rustic Wisconsin Barndominium 

Jason Hazuga’s Rustic Wisconsin Barndominium is a beautiful space that does a great job of keeping the barn-like feel in a home and creating plenty of rustic touches while also maintaining a classic, stylish feel. If you would like to create your own gorgeous rustic barndominium, check out the Barndolife ebook, which is full of ideas to spur your creativity.