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Bold and Beautiful: The Most Stunning Black Barndominiums: These Turn Heads!

Black, as they say, is always in, and this applies to barndominium designs just as much as it does to fashion!

Sleek and timeless, black barndominiums provide a neutral backdrop for a broad range of great exterior design conventions, and help to bring more rustic barndominium layouts into the modern day. 

We’ve seen some beautiful black barndominiums since we started our featured barndominiums series. In this post, we’ll showcase some of our favorites and go over why we love them so much!

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Northwest Arkansas Modern Farmhouse

Black Barndominiums - Arkansas

This modern farmhouse in Arkansas makes magnificent use of its black exterior by contrasting it with the bright, almost amber-colored wood of the frame. The unique layout of the windows on one end of the home, combined with the two exterior doors, and the off-set roof, plant this home firmly in the modern day, while the corrugated roof and the barndo wall texture keep a sense of the agricultural roots that barndominium living is all about!

Though this home exhibits a clear, contemporary design, it doesn’t clash with the beautiful nature surrounding it, and really seems to work with the land rather than against it.

The interior of this home exhibits just as much modern beauty as the outside, with a loft bedroom, kitchen, and office space all easily accessible through one long, open passage. The exposed beams and sliding barn doors give the property a touch of the rustic, while the pale flooring that extends throughout adds an effective foil to the black cabinets, stairs, and lampshades.

Florida Family Black Barndominium

Black Barndominiums - Florida

The grandeur of this Florida home hits you from the first glance at its exterior and really subverts what a lot of people think of when they hear the word “barndominium.” The simple, symmetrical facade is surrounded on all sides by pristine landscaping, where the detached carport and garage are joined to the house by a path that hugs some beautiful masonry. We love the black shiplap cladding on the home, which breaks the standard barndominium mold and gives the whole exterior a welcoming, suburban feel.

The interior of this barndo is just as beautiful, filling the wide-open space that’s characteristic of most barndominiums with popular interior design cues for a comfy ‘lived-in’ mood. White walls and dark flooring provide the perfect canvas for a gray suite of furniture in the living room, an exposed brick chimney, and shelves filled with homey ornaments that tells you this home is well loved by its owners!

Modern Indiana Barndominium

Black Barndominiums - Indiana

Another more contemporary design, this Indiana barndominium has a simple but effective facade that’s stark black for the most part, and offset by the pale wood of the door and support beams. At the back of the home, you’ll find an all-glass garage door that hammers home the distinctive modernity.

The sleek, present-day mood of the home continues inside, with sealed concrete floors and ample use of black and white in the kitchen worktops dining table, and living area furniture suite. Though this aesthetic feels very new and ‘clean’, it doesn’t stray into being cold or clinical like some newbuilds. Wicker chairs at the dining table, cedar-colored sliding barn doors, and a retro green office chair with studs along the back, all help to give the place a warm, organic feel.

Luxury Oklahoma Barndominium

Black Barndominiums - Oklahoma

This barndo is one of our all-time favorites; a home that straddles the line between classic and contemporary, with a striking profile outside and inviting interior design creating an all-around unforgettable property.

The tall black slats on the exterior cladding stress this barndominium’s impressive size, and provides the perfect backdrop for the bright orange woods of the window frames, sliding barn doors, and the railing of a small balcony set below the peak of the roof. We adore the twin cupolas with their own little windows, which fill the spaces below with natural light.

The interior design shows a perfect balance between the old and the new, with the white walls of the great high-ceilinged room embellished with more retro, western decor, such as an antler chandelier, mounted deer head, a suite of leather furniture (including two chesterfield-style armchairs!) and a cowhide ottoman.

Open-Plan Wisconsin Barndominium

Black Barndominiums - Wisconsin

Finally, we have a large, open-plan Wisconsin barndominium made by Pinno Buildings. Like the Arkansas property we began with, this barndo combines stark black walls with bright wooden accents for a handsome, contemporary result. 

Buildings with walls this dark often run the risk of looking closed-off and unfriendly, but this property counters that magnificently with the sheer number of windows! The covered entrance, as well as the right side of the building, are covered in large, open panes of glass that give you a great view in, and help to open the interiors up with lots of sunlight.

The interiors are just as stunning as the exterior if not more so, and a prime example of minimalism done right! We’re a huge fan of the clean, sharp lines of the white kitchen island, and the way they’re counteracted by the fluid wineglass shape of the hanging lights.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of our favorite black barndominiums. If you want more guidance during your barndo build, be sure to check out our Barndominiums Made Easy Program!