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50×50 Concrete Slab Cost | Pricing Important Factors

Pouring a concrete slab is typically one of the first stages of barndominium construction. After clearing and preparing the land, you may pour the foundation. If you plan on building a 50×50 barndominium, the concrete slab is a big part of your construction costs.

So, how much does a 50×50 concrete slab cost? Concrete slabs cost an average of $6 per square foot but may cost as much as $8 and as little as $4. A 50×50-foot concrete slab covers 2500 square feet, resulting in an average cost of $10,000 to $20,000. The median cost is about $15,000.

Keep in mind that a variety of factors determine the true concrete slab costs. To help you determine the cost of your project, here is a closer look at the cost of a 50×50 concrete slab.

50x50 Concrete Slab Cost

What Does a 50×50 Concrete Slab Include?

A 50×50 concrete slab requires enough material to pour 2500 square feet of concrete. Concrete is made from a mixture of water, cement, and aggregate material to increase its resiliency. It is typically poured into a wood frame, which is called a “wood form”. Rebar and fiber mesh is added for reinforcement.

The average cost of a standard concrete slab is based on a slab with the following features:

  • 3000 PSI concrete with a thickness of 6 inches
  • 2×6-inch lumber to erect the wood form for the slab
  • Rebar and fiber mesh reinforcement for increased strength
  • Labor to pour and finish the concrete slab

If your slab includes different features, it may cost more or less than the average. Along with the total square footage, here are the main details that impact the cost:

  • The thickness of the slabs
  • The thickness of the edges
  • Extra features for increased durability
  • Labor and material costs in your region

Labor and material can vary in cost depending on where you live. States in the Northeast and the West coast often have higher costs for labor and building materials. The South and Midwest are home to lower labor costs and less expensive materials.

Average 50×50 Concrete Slab Cost Based on Thickness

Another major consideration is the thickness of the slab. Most concrete slabs are 6 inches thick, but you can also choose a thinner slab. Here is the average cost for the base material for concrete slabs of different thicknesses:

  • 4-inch slab: $2.83 per square foot
  • 5-inch slab: $3.20 per square foot
  • 6-inch slab: $3.57 per square foot

If you plan on pouring a 50×50 concrete slab, a thickness of 4 inches may save about $1850 compared to pouring a 6-inch-thick slab. A 4-inch slab offers less durability, which may increase the need for additional reinforcement.

Slab Wood form

Average Cost of Extra Features for a Slab Foundation

Here are several of the features that you may consider using to increase the strength and longevity of your concrete slab:

  • Thickened edges around the slab: $1 per square foot
  • Adding a vapor barrier: $0.50 per square foot
  • Wire mesh reinforcement: $0.40 per square foot
  • Additional site prep: $0.60 to $1.25 per square foot

Including all these extra features can increase the cost of pouring a concrete slab by about $3.15 per square foot. A 50×50-foot concrete slab covers 2500 square feet. Choosing all four extra features can add $7875 to your total.

Should You Hire a Contractor for a 50×50 Concrete Slab?

Another important choice is whether you want to pour the concrete yourself. The average cost includes labor. If you pour it yourself, you may save about $2.40 per square foot, resulting in an average cost of $3.60 per square foot. To get an estimate of the cost of pouring concrete, you can use a concrete slab calculator to help determine costs.

The average cost of a DIY 50×50 concrete slab is about $9000, which is significantly lower compared to the average of $15,000. However, hiring contractors decreases the risk of errors that impact the stability of your foundation.