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Adam Baker’s Stylish Barndo Home and Shop in Searcy Arkansas

Adam Baker’s Stylish Barndo Home and Shop in Searcy Arkansas

Adam Baker’s Stylish Barndo Home and Shop in Searcy, Arkansas is half living space, half workspace, and full of stylish functionality. If you would like to build a refuge where you can get some work done and relax in a stylish home at the end of the day, this barndominium should inspire you.

Adam Baker’s Stylish Barndo Home and Shop in Searcy Arkansas exterior


Adam Baker’s Stylish Barndo Home and Shop in Searcy, Arkansas is a lovely combination of functionality and style. The separation is clearly visible from the outside, with half of the space serving as a clear living area with a lovely wide wrap-around porch and the other side with a big garage door and shop door. 

Adam Baker’s Stylish Barndo Home and Shop in Searcy Arkansas workspace

The porch is big enough to accommodate several collections of chairs including rocking chairs and armchairs. There is enough room for a table and four chairs at the corner of the wraparound porch. Several outdoor rugs on the concrete patio help to tie the space together. 

Adam Baker’s Stylish Barndo Home and Shop in Searcy Arkansas porch

Stylish minimalistic chandeliers hang from the beams and several overhead fans provide plenty of air movement. A sturdy metal heater sits at the corner, providing plenty of heat throughout the area so that the porch can still be enjoyed on chilly Arkansas days. 

The concrete porch extends past the edge of the roof, offering the perfect spot for a propane grill. This barndominium is nestled among gorgeous mature trees, with forest behind and a scattering of mature trees in the front as well. White rock is laid up to the foundation, working well with the white color of the barndominium. 

Living Area

An open-concept living area has plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy, but it’s also subtly divided to create distinct spaces. A polished concrete floor stretches between the various areas, creating a look that is simultaneously rustic and modern.

When you first walk in the front door, there is a comfy wraparound sectional and a loveseat gathered around a large TV that sits on a beautiful gothic bureau. Plenty of natural light flows in from a large window and from the glass door. 

Overhead, a minimalistic chandelier that matches the chandeliers on the porch shines warm light down on the space and helps to center it. 

Directly across from the living room area is a dining room table which also serves as a kitchen island. The natural wood appearance works well with the gothic bureau in the living room.

The table sits on a Persian rug and a chandelier that matches the one in the living room and the ones on the porches, both of which help to define this area.

Simple bar stool style seating stays out of the way, offering somewhere to sit but not getting in the way of the table being used as a kitchen island for extra counter space when needed.

The kitchen is a simple, stylish area with a gorgeous blue tile backsplash over a large single piece of granite counter. White cabinetry makes a lovely contrast with the concrete floor and helps to modernize the look of the heavy wood that is used elsewhere in the home. 

The continuous countertop stretches into the corner and all the way to the refrigerator, creating a unified look that works very well in the space. 


The two bathrooms are simple, functional, and attractive. The master bathroom has his and her sinks, each with its own wood-framed mirror. Three metal frame lights hang down from the ceiling, far enough that their light is magnified by the mirrors. 

The metal framing matches the chandeliers used in the dining room and on the porches. Blue cabinets with bold metal handles fill the space beneath the sinks, providing lots of storage despite the relatively small size of this bathroom. 

The other bathroom shares a space with the laundry room. A simple pocket door divides the space. A bold round mirror surrounded by metal framing defines the look of this space. The washer and dryer are stacked to make the most of the small space. 


The workstation is a lovely little niche space nestled into the wall. It is just wide enough for a simple wooden desk and a file cabinet. A bold pattern wallpaper of little blue end grey splotches defines the space and contrasts wonderfully against the thick wooden desk and shelf. 

Two simple abstract paintings with splotches of grey and a single strip of gold complement the blue wallpaper and the gold tones in the wood. This is the perfect place to sit down and get a little work done without taking up a whole room with an office. 

Kid’s Bedrooms

The first kid’s bedroom is a lovely little space with two sets of bunk beds, a bookshelf full of knick-knacks, and a little built-in desk that fits between the front door opening and the closet. A large area rug does a good job of tying together the gray tones in the doors and the blue from the beds. 

The second bedroom is laid out in a similar way with the desk between the doorway and the closet and a bunk bed, but there is a dresser instead of a second bed in this room. 

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a simple room with large windows that let in plenty of natural light and a king-size bed on a big area rug. It is defined by a big dark wood bureau.


The shop is as important to this barndominium as the living space. In fact, it has its own living space. 

There is plenty of room to work and play in this large area. A simple kitchen counter holds a mini-fridge with room for beverages.

There’s also a TV and a gathering of rustic leather couches, the perfect place to hang out and watch the game and occasionally grab yourself a drink from the mini-fridge. And overhead loft provides plenty of room for storage. 


Adam Baker’s Stylish Barndo Home and Shop in Searcy Arkansas is a great place to live, work, and play. It combines superb functionality with stylish living. If you’d like to build your own refuge for work and play, check out the Barndolife ebook, which is full of great ideas.