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Charming Arkansas Barndominium That Does A Lot with a Little Space

Today’s featured home is a beautiful single-story Arkansas barndominium with a converted living space shop that does a fantastic job of maximizing its space. 

This is a spotless white barndomonium with a large and lovingly-furnished porch, and stunning interior design throughout, this home is a fantastic example of a homey, “lived-in” barndo perfect as either a country escape or a permanent home.

Without further adieu, let’s take a closer look!

Arkansas Barndominium


Arkansas Barndominium - Exterior

The exterior of this barndominium is simple and effective, with no frills or over-the top decor. Nestled by a dense wall of forest, the stark white color of the walls stands out boldly against the trees, and looks especially striking when there’s snow lying on the ground.

Arkansas Barndominium - Exterior 2

The highlight of the exterior is the partial-wraparound porch which covers a corner of the home nearest the entranceway. Five chrome posts create a gentle contrast with the white walls, holding up a porch roof that extends a good distance from the walls to create a large, covered area that’s perfectly furnished for chilling out when the weather’s right. 

Arkansas Barndominium - Exterior 3

We love the contrasting scheme of dark and light colors in the furniture arrangement, as well as the black metal ceiling fans and hanging lanterns dotted along the roof, which invites you to kick back on the porch during those long summer evenings.

Arkansas Barndominium - Exterior Shop

Main Living Area

Arkansas Barndominium - Living Room

Coming through the front door, you’re immediately greeted by a cozy living area with a suite of gray and black furniture that’s a perfect match with the white walls.

This suite surrounds a central ceiling lamp in an intriguing industrial style, which along with a classic dark wood storage unit that serves as a TV stand, creates a strong focal point nicely tying the room together.

Arkansas Barndominium - Living Room from Kitchen

This part of the home is served by two classic casement windows, as well as a tall, paneled window set in the front door, filling the space with natural light which is reflected by the ample use of whites and creams.

We love the natural wood planks that are set above each of these windows, which creates a pleasant contrast against the white walls and adds a subtle touch of homey warmth to the space.

Kitchen / Dining Area

Arkansas Barndominium - Kitchen

The kitchen in this Arkansas barndominium is pretty and functional, and peppered with modern decor elements that manage to enhance the overall mood without clashing too hard with the home’s more traditional aspects.

A tall table with a rugged wooden top serves as a kitchen island, with 6 bar stools in the same black metal as the table’s legs.

The stark black here, along with the gunmetal color of the fridge, dishwasher, and microwave, as well as an uniquely-shaped modern ceiling lamp, break up the use of white in the simple, yet aesthetically pleasing cabinets. We like how the mottled blue tiling above the worktops and the large, ornamental rug on the floor add a touch of warm, rustic charm to an otherwise modern kitchen.


Arkansas Barndominium - Bedroom

The clean, stripped-down sense of modernity continues in the master bedroom, where this double bed with a white spread dominates the room on a gorgeous ornamental rug.

Though fairly small, the ample use of white here really makes the most of the natural light coming through two casement windows, opening the whole place up and making it feel much more roomy than other rooms with the same square footage.

A gorgeous black dresser with chrome handles and twinned bedside tables in a dark wood cools the brighter hues, and keeps the color scheme from becoming too garish.

Arkansas Barndominium - Bedroom 2

Two kids’ bedrooms show off more great examples of how barndo owners can do a lot with a little space.

Space-saving bunkbeds take up the corners in each room, and as we’ve seen in the rest of the home, the dark wood of the ceiling fans’ blades and the dressers in each room help to offset the whites and grays.

We love the way that in both of these bedrooms there’s a small nook created by the walls around the doors, with each one acting as the home for a small desk.

Arkansas Barndominium - Bedroom 3


Arkansas Barndominium - Shop

The shop of this home has been converted into a second living area, using a medley of different features which gives it a rugged feel from the moment you walk in.

A well-used leather sofa with a cushy armchair to match stand around a footstool, and within perfect distance of a squat, black cabinet used as a TV stand. 

Arkansas Barndominium - Shop 2

On one side of the suite, a door provides access to the interior of the home. The other side has an exceptionally unique focal point, where a stretch of worktop hugs the wall supported by the bed of an old truck. A row of strip lighting beneath the truck bed, as well as a glass-fronted under-counter fridge, lends this part of the shop an even more homey aspect, and instantly invites you to come in and chill out.

We also like the ample loft space that looks down onto the shop floor. This appears to be used as storage at the moment, but the decent headroom, and the way it opens onto the floor below, shows huge potential for more living space.

Wrapping Up…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look around this beautiful Arkansas barndominium, and found some great inspiration making the most of the spaces in your build, even if they’re limited. If you’re looking for help and inspiration to build your own barndominium, be sure to check out our Barndominiums Made Easy Program!