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Kitchen Envy: 5 Barndominium Kitchen Ideas That Leave You Speechless

Are you looking to renovate and change up your barndominium kitchen or looking for ideas for your new build? These barndominium kitchen ideas can help inspire you with a new look that will match the rest of your houses and give some great design ideas.

In the list below, you’ll find everything from aesthetic themes to smart storage solutions. The barndominium kitchens take advantage of the open space and provide a modern and clean look to kitchens. Whether you want to do some DIY work in your kitchen or do a complete overhaul, there are barndominium kitchen ideas below for you. For more inspiration and ideas for your barndominium kitchen, read our featured barndominium ebook. 

5 Best Barndominium Kitchens

Cozy Perry, Kentucky Barndomonium 

This featured Cozy Perry Barndominium in Kentucky uses a color scheme highlighting its stainless steel appliances and granite counter. The lighting also compliments the grey-toned and modern-styled kitchen. The configuration of the entire kitchen has been well thought out and kept in mind both practicality and functionality. 

The island breakfast far also has stool seating along the edge to entertain guests while a meal is being prepared. With wall-to-wall cabinetry, the kitchen emphasizes storage space while also retaining a beautiful and clean look. The kitchen also has a hanging light located directly above the sink, which provides some extra lighting during late-night cleaning and is a great way to add some creativity in the lighting scheme. 

Texas Red Barndominium 

The Texas Red barndominium emphasizes the open space available in modern barndominiums. The color scheme of both the living room and kitchen is dipped in rich brown and wooden texture, including the flooring, cabinetry, and ceiling fan. The kitchen is integrated right into the living room, and the open space around it makes it appear much larger. The open space also allows for easy access between the living room and kitchen.

The kitchen has also been molded to fit the rest of the interior theme, with a rich brown kitchen island, wooden cabinets and brown brick walls along the middle. The kitchen also uses its open space to utilize a practical and functional kitchen layout, where the living room and kitchen side by side. 

The kitchen island also has an extension at the end which makes it a perfect fit for a breakfast bar that guests can sit alongside on. We also love that there’s a pantry closet right in the middle of the fridge. Between the closet and floor-to-ceiling cabinets, the kitchen has more than enough storage space to store all of your food. 

Modern Kansas Barndominium 

The kitchen in the Modern Kansas barndominium is different from the kitchens mentioned above. Instead of an open and empty space, the kitchen has a unique and contemporary style with a mix-match of colors. The kitchen is much smaller and prioritizes functionality. It has a unique repurposed light fixture which hangs directly above the breakfast bar. We love the pipe and valve look of the fixture and it gives the whole kitchen a  unique and creative look. 

The seating at the breakfast bar also has low, curved seats. The entire kitchen emphasizes a modern retro style look and makes careful use of the color scheme to make all of the objects stand out. The kitchen also has a large double window directly in front of the sink, which lets you maximize the amount of natural lighting entering the kitchen during the day. 

Lovely Lorena Texas Barndominium

The kitchen at the Lovely Lorena Barndominium features an open-concept layout. The kitchen is divided from the living room with a large spacious bar that encompasses the dividing section. Barstools are set up around the bar to provide some additional seating and a way to entertain guests while cooking. We love the spacious breakfast bar as it provides plenty of space to work and set up dishes in the kitchen. We also love the wooden texture design of the kitchen cabinets and stools. Imitation wood floors are also used, which provide easy-to-clean and maintained flooring for the kitchen, which matches the overall barn theme. 

The kitchen also has an enclosed-style workspace where the bar divides the kitchen from the rest of the living room. This allows for easy setup of the breakfast bar and low traffic between the kitchen and living room during parties. The kitchen also has a pantry closet for extra storage which is in the most convenient location possible. This kitchen is designed for those who love to cook and do so often. 

Modern Indiana Barndominium 

The Modern Indiana barndominium uses an open-concept design and shares one large room to accommodate both the kitchen and living room. The kitchen has a contemporary design and color scheme which emphasizes a simple and bright style. The kitchen is under two large gold pendant lights along with a gold glass door adjacent to the kitchen. The pendant lights give light to a large breakfast bar which is surrounded by retro-style bar stools. 

We also love the black and grey bar stool and countertop of the kitchen. It provides a contemporary and sleek design that highlights the minimalistic and elegant design of the home. The kitchen layout is designed with practicality in mind, as the large breakfast bar and location of the appliances make it easy to entertain a large number of guests in the kitchen. 


The barndominium kitchen designs listed above are varied and encompass a wide range of different themes and styles. From open space and minimalistic to cluttered and retro designs, the kitchens match the theme and style of the homeowners. Each kitchen also prioritizes functionality and practicality without comprising an aesthetic look. There are a number of storage solutions you can easily install into your own kitchen to maximize space and area. You can browse more kitchen inspirations and ideas by reading our ebook

If you would like more guides like this one, check out the rest of There, you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also find featured barndominiums, barndominium floor plans, and information on financing and insurance. Knowing as much as you can will help you get the best results for your dream home.