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Large Kansas Barndominium with Stunning Modern Decor

Today’s featured home is a large, newly-built Kansas barndominium that uses a fairly common shell as a canvas to create a truly stunning interior, filling the spaces inside with all the right touches for a distinctive and luxuriously modern home.

Kansas Barndominium - Exterior

With a minimalist color scheme, unique, eye-catching features throughout, and wide-open main spaces that encourage a natural flow of movement, this beautiful build is a great example of how  few prudent design choices can turn a standard barndominium into something truly unique and memorable.

Let’s dig into why we love this barndo as much as we do!


Kansas Barndominium - Exterior 2

The exterior of this modern barndo looks pretty simple from some angles, having been made from a run-of-the-mill, modern industrial shell. Tall, white walls make up the main bulk of the building and are given a nice sense of shape by black window frames, with a roof, garage doors, and gutters to match.

Kansas Barndominium - Exterior Side View

The front facade of the home is a perfect teaser for the tasteful modernity that characterizes the inside. Exposed black girders accentuate the shape of the peaked roof, and natural wooden cladding covers the front side and the wall directly next to it.

We love the way this feature breaks up the industrial feel of the steel and gives the exterior a potent feeling of warmth and coziness before you ever set foot inside!

Kansas Barndominium - Porch

The front of the home and about three quarters of one side are covered by a partial-wraparound porch, lit by modern spotlights that are perfectly spaced apart for warm, but not garish, illumination.

Great Hall

Kansas Barndominium - Main Hall

The main highlight of this home is the huge great hall that greets you immediately after the front door.

The first thing you’ll notice is the large, partially-exposed wooden timbers of the roof, which stretch the width of the great hall and hang over the kitchen, creating a unique aesthetic and bringing a certain warmth to the monochrome white of the walls.

Kansas Barndominium - Main Hall and Kitchen

The next stand-out feature we just can’t help but adore is the modern fireplace integrated in a corner of the great hall. This black portion of the wall creates an eye-catching contrast against the bright colors taking up the rest of the space and merges into the ceiling in a steep, angular shape that locks in a distinct feeling of modernity. 

The minimalist design of the fireplace, along with a simple mantel that seems to be made from surplus wood from the frame, also places the interior firmly in the 21st century.


Kansas Barndominium - Kitchen Island

The barndominium kitchen takes up its own corner of the great hall space and stays consistent with the home’s potent, minimalist beauty. A large kitchen island stands at the center, with a marble-effect top contrasted by the jet black of its base, which holds a generous number of drawers and cupboards. 

Kansas Barndominium - Main Hall and Kitchen 2

A large kitchen sink on the nearby wall is flanked by two squares of worktop surface, and four small shelves made with the same wood as the exposed timbers and the living area’s mantelpiece.

Though the kitchen only has a single window, the ample use of white on the walls and cabinets reflects the light from the rest of the home, making the space feel wonderfully bright and airy.

Kansas Barndominium - Kitchen Sink

Though this barndo is relatively unfurnished, the great hall offers ample space to set a dining table and chairs, with the position of the island and generous channels around it making it easy to move between kitchen and table.

Master Bathroom

Kansas Barndominium - Bathroom

Like the rest of the home, the bathroom has been designed with a huge emphasis on simple, stripped-down modernity with fantastic results.

Kansas Barndominium - Bathroom 2

From the sliding door, you’ll immediately notice the room’s primary focal point on your left; a large and beautifully modern freestanding bathtub with a smoothly rounded rim and a flat base.

We love how this tub is served by a black faucet unit that extends straight out of the wall next to it, matching the sleek black-on-white contrast we’ve seen throughout the home.

The ample size of this shower, along with the floor-level drain, the partial shower door, and the dark, minimalist shower unit, maintains the home’s distinct feeling of modernity and luxury.

We also love the simple, yet effective symmetry of the basins. A unit of four drawers and a tall bathroom cabinet stands in the middle, with a small bathroom sink on either side set in a black countertop. Each sink has its own mirror, illuminated by a bar of three lights with classic, conical shades.

Wrapping Up…

Kansas Barndominium - Bedroom

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look around this gorgeous Kansas barndominium, and found some great inspiration for interior design in a modern, minimalist vein. If you’re looking for help and inspiration to build your own barndominium, be sure to check out our Barndominiums Made Easy Program!