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Top 8 Barndominium Bathroom Ideas

So, you’ve finally decided to build your own barndominium. Congratulations! You’ve made the right decision.

If you’re in the middle of building one and are still undecided on the design of your bathroom, then these 8 barndominium bathroom ideas will help you narrow down your choices and zero in on a design that suits you best. You can choose one or combine features from several to create your own customized design.

Whether you’re considering a contemporary barndominium bathroom or have a classic design in mind, each of these designs combine cool functionality with a cozy setting. They are all beautiful and functional at the same time. From unique color schemes to exciting raw materials, our list will inspire you to create a washroom space with aesthetic appeal- one that you can truly call your own.

8 Best Barndominium Bathroom Ideas

If you have plans of installing more than one bathroom in your forever home, our selection includes master’s, shared and hallway examples from contemporary barndominium to ones that combine modern barndominium designs with timeless elegance. We’ll even throw in suggestions for decorating the various spaces.

Master Bathrooms in Master Suites

1. Metal Barndominium in Decatur, Texas

9 Barndominium Bathroom Ideas Metal Barndominium in Decatur Texas

The luxury of a master suite is evident in this opulent bathroom. Wood panels are strategically and tastefully placed just above the bathtub and on the frame of the shower door. The marble-topped vanity is another irresistible touch of indulgence and ties up the light gray walls, slate cabinetry and white tub.

Metal Barndominium in Decatur Texas

What we love about this layout is that the bedroom and bathroom are separated by a wall and yet still connected by a hallway. For further distinction, the entrance door is situated in the middle. The barn door is also a great starting point for decorating. You can add a magazine rack, toiletry shelves, and a small corner table for a flower vase using the same material.

2. Grey Barndominium in Paradise, Texas

Grey Barndominium in Paradise Texas

An iteration of the above bathroom, this design plays with light and uses contrast to make each feature stand out. The plain wall can be a great space to display some art. It can also come handy as additional storage space or for a display case with floating shelves.

Grey Barndominium in Paradise Texas
Grey Barndominium in Paradise Texas

Mosaic tiles on the floor and inlaid tiles in the recessed shelf are fun and made unique by pairing them with wall tiles of a different material and design but similar hues.

Rustic Barndominium Bathroom

3. Alabama Barndominium of Wesley and Jennifer Clark

Alabama Barndominium of Wesley and Jennifer Clark

This rustic design evokes a country or farmhouse feel. Unleash your artistic side and fill any  extra wall and floor spaces with baskets, a burlap curtain, paintings or prints in textured wood frames, rescued driftwood shelves, and wooden wall hooks.

Modern Barndominium Bathroom Designs

Layout, tiles, lighting, bathtubs, fixtures, mirrors, sinks and shelves can all make a bathroom look sleek and modern. Choosing two or more of these features will allow you to achieve that contemporary look you’re aiming for.

4. Springtown, Texas Barndominium

Springtown Texas Barndominium

Within this all-white modern barndominium lies a compact yet complete master bathroom. We love the design of separating the bathtub and shower with a wall. No space is wasted in the layout, and the wide window and use of light colors give the space a clean, light and airy vibe.

Springtown Texas Barndominium

A multifunctional spa-style floating bench in the shower not only provides additional space for toiletries and bath accessories but also gives the illusion of a wider space.

Springtown Texas Barndominium

A dual-sink vanity with light fixtures above the mirror completes the look of this bathroom in what appears to be a seamless contemporary barndominium. The dark wooden flooring complements the light walls, ceiling and fixtures and enhances the visual appeal of the space. To add a dash or two of color bring in some fabric wall decor or painted glass jars.

5. Springtown, Texas Barndominium of the Enright Family

Springtown Texas Barndominium of the Enright Family

The contrasting style in this modern bathroom involves a mix of artistic flooring, light gray walls, black hardware and smart cabinetry. Décor, wire baskets and accessories that match the floor’s color would be great additions.

Springtown Texas Barndominium of the Enright Family

Floor and wall tiles with different prints but similar colors are refreshing and make this bathroom unique.

Colorful Barndominium Designs

One of the advantages of building a barndominium is that you have a free hand as far as getting  creative is concerned. So, if you are daring enough to stray from neutral hues and earth tones, here are great ideas you can adapt in your bathroom.

6. Blue and White Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom

Blue and White Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom

The Sims family built their stylish barndo in Athens, Georgia. Various colors were used in both the exterior and the interior. The theme in each room revolves around one tint found in different parts and items. The master bedroom and bathroom are predominantly white with touches of blue on the bed and cabinet under the sink.

Blue and White Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom

Inlaid blue tiles on the shower walls are not only an artistic touch but also a perfect backdrop to the functional recessed shelves.

Classic Barndominium Designs

Taking us back in time, the bathrooms below showcase the enduring functionality and efficiency of traditional designs.

7. Red Barndominium in Alvord, Texas

Red Barndominium in Alvord Texas

Black and white will never go out of style. This timeless combo works best in bathrooms with standard lines and layout, such as this one in the master’s bedroom of the Alvord barndo. Black fixtures and small black tiles on the floor and in the recessed shelves provide a subtle but elegant break to the otherwise white monotony. Glass doors provide the modern touch without looking out of place in this old-fashioned bathroom.

Red Barndominium in Alvord Texas

The elevated white bathtub adorned with chic golden stands and fixed with intricately designed water controls preserve this bathroom’s ageless charm.

Red Barndominium in Alvord Texas

The common bathroom shared by two other bedrooms maintains the basic look of the master bathroom. We love how the owners managed to keep the style classic while giving it a more up-to-date look by opting for a shower-bathtub combo and using a modern-day tub.

8. Boyd, Texas Barndominium

Boyd Texas Barndominium

Simple and sophisticated, this master’s bathroom comes in neutral colors. Plain light gray walls invite large paintings or small framed prints to be hung. Murals would be a great idea too. A potted plant would also be a refreshing addition and a great way of bringing a bit of nature indoors.

Boyd Texas Barndominium

We love how the vanity lines the entire wall. The brown mirror frame matching the flooring is simply genius. Accessories and organizers in the same color and material on the counter and wall will blend well with the overall look.

Did you find what you were looking for in these 9 barndominium bathroom ideas? Then it’s time to implement them. If you are still in the planning stage, we have recommendations for floor plans as well.

Barndominium Plans – Get inspired with these floor plans

For customized floor plans, you will find our custom design software very helpful. Just add your specs to the template provided and you can view your design within minutes. Any layout can be created in a matter of minutes, from a barndominium plan 2 story and small barndominium designs to barndos for large families.

Barndominium Plan 2 Story

Here are a couple of Barndominium pictures to illustrate how a floor plan can become a reality.

Barndominium Plan 2 Story

This 2 Story barndo in Oklahoma was based on the floor plan below.

Barndominium Plan 2 Story
Barndominium Plan 2 Story


For more inspirational photos, floor plans and ideas, browse our website’s featured barndos and our Pinterest page. You can also get tips from Don Howe’s Build Your Dream Barndominium e-book.