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Check out this Decatur Barndominium in Texas– Lovely Metal Home Built by HL Custom Homes

This lovely barndominium in Texas was custom-built by HL Custom Homes for the Bond family. With a total land area of 2,328 square feet, there’s enough space out front to park 2 or 3 cars. A 2,000-square-foot living area with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1 extra room. Nestled between two tall and shady trees, this sprawling property is located in the city of Decatur, the seat of Wise County, Texas.

Decatur Barndominium, Texas
Side angle of the Decatur Barndominium

Decatur, Texas Barndominium

The front porch

The Exterior
The front porch features alternating white and chocolate brown themes on the beams, exterior walls, windows, and main door. The stark contrast of light and dark neutral colors not only exudes stability but also prepares you for the rustic feeling that awaits you inside.

Decatur Barndominium interiors

The Interior
Dark brown floors, light gray ceilings and walls, and white bedroom doors combine to create a cool interior that provides a welcome refuge from the heat outdoors.
The foyer leads to the heart of this magnificent home.

The Great Room with open space design

The Great Room
With an open space design, you can set up the living room and the dining room wherever or however you please. A large ceiling fan hangs strategically to provide full coverage. Wide windows offer a view of the fantastic outdoor landscape. Pin lights provide ample lighting without ruining the quiet ambiance.

Open Space Design

Looking for some privacy? The open space design gives you the freedom to place temporary dividers to create your own private nook.

Well-equipped Kitchen

From the great room, you have an unobstructed view of the well-equipped kitchen.

Homey Kitchen

The Kitchen
In keeping with the cool sophistication of the interior, the homey kitchen is accentuated with a silver two-door refrigerator, a microwave oven, a stove with exhaust, a garbage bin, overhead pendant lights, and an unobtrusive spotlight over the sink.

Light Gray Island Counter

An island counter with a marble top serves as a divider between the kitchen and the Great Room. It comes in a lighter shade of gray than the cupboards and cabinets.

Marble and Textured Bricks for the Kitchen

The marble countertop matches the island, and the backsplash of textured bricks completes the vibe of a relaxed atmosphere.

View from the Kitchen

From the kitchen, you can easily access the extra room.

The Utility Room

The “Bonus” Room
This room has access to the utility room, so its usage is flexible. It can function as a storage for bedding, towels and curtains. You can also store extra furniture and boxes of memorabilia here. Or, if you’re having guests over, it can be converted into a transient bedroom.

Interiors – Utility Room

The Utility Room
Stash your workshop tools and maintenance equipment in this space. The organization won’t be a problem thanks to the differently sized shelves and cabinets.

Cool Hues of Gray

Yes, even the utility room is painted in the same cool hue of gray.

Master Bedroom

Providing a seamless color motif, the walls and ceiling in the master bedroom are also splashed in gray. The dark brown floor, white door and cabinets, and chandelier provide subtle accents to break the monotony.

The Master’s Bedroom and Bathroom

The Master’s Bedroom and Bath
For easy access, the Master Bath is just adjacent to the Master Bedroom.


Compact yet complete, it provides all the comforts befitting a master bedroom.

Bathroom – Master Bedroom

The white bathtub comes with black fixtures as well as a marble headboard for toiletries. It is bordered with wood-textured panels matching the frame of the shower’s glass door. Good plumbing allows for both hot and cold water.

Wide mirror – Master Bathroom

The wall across the shower is lined with a wide mirror that can easily be shared by 2 people and also enhances the size of the room. Below this are two sinks with a marble countertop and cabinets underneath. There is ample lighting, thanks to overhead lights above the mirror.


On the other side of the house are two bedrooms. One is accessible through the Great Room, the other, via the foyer.

The colors in both bedrooms are consistent with the rest of the abode – cool gray with splashes of white.

Wide Windows – Bedroom

Both bedrooms have wide windows to bring in light as well as the calming outdoor scene, Ceiling fans fixed with ambient light bulbs provide circulation and lighting.

Cabinets and Shelves

Each bedroom also comes with huge cabinets with shelves and hanging bars.
Conveniently sandwiched between the two bedrooms is a hall bath.

Pristine Whit Bathtub

This bathroom offers a pristine white bathtub against the backdrop of dark brown “aged” wood panels.

Hall Bath
The black shower head and the water controls blend well with the paneling and add to the classy look of the space.

Hall Bathroom

The mirror, sink and cabinets are an exact replica of those in the master’s bedroom, albeit on a smaller scale. Meanwhile, the flooring, of course, is dark brown.

Decatur Barndominium Floor Plan

Love this home? If you’re inspired to have one of your own with wide spaces, high ceilings, accessible rooms, and an airy interior, have a look at this barndominium’s floor plan. It’s specially designed for a family of four, but with the huge bedrooms and an extra room, there’s more than enough room for more!

With some tweaks here and there, you can even customize your place according to your preferences.

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Decatur Barndominium Floor Plan

Plan your own barndo now. For more ideas, pro tips, and building suggestions, check out the Barndominium Life Program!

If you love this home, be sure to check out our barndominiums for sale in DFW listings to find your dream barndominium.