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Grey Barndominium in Paradise Texas: See these 38 Amazing Photos

Did you know you could actually live in paradise? Well, besides the fact that this featured Grey Barndominium built by HL Custom Homes is in Paradise, Texas, the home itself is also a paradise to the owners, the Lambert Family.

concrete slab pouring
From this concrete slab will rise a paradise!

Grey Barndominium Photos!

Sitting on an expansive open space, it’s hard not to notice this beautiful barndominium in Texas. It has a grey exterior wall paint color while the roof has a lighter grey color. The front exterior wall is accented by wainscoting. The primary purpose of wall paneling is to protect walls, especially the exterior, from common hazards that can cause damage to the walls.

In this case, the exterior wall is prone to dirt and mud or unintentional scratches and the wainscot helps prevent the damage. Besides that, stone wainscots are also a really nice way to dress up your home exterior. Different materials can be used as wainscots and this grey barndominium looks great with its stone wainscot. The light brown paneling helps balance the grey, making the exterior color appear less dark.

Wainscoting has become more common for modern homes not only on the exterior but also indoors. Because of that, putting it up has also been made much easier with DIYs, if you’re actually up for putting it up yourself.

Grey Barndominium Front View
grey barndominium front view
Grey Barndominium Front Porch

Back view

Grey Barndominium Back View
Grey Barndominium Back Porch

The Open Concept

The foyer is a great way to prepare your guests for what awaits inside the home. It’s the first part of the house that welcomes anyone who comes in. For the owners, stepping into the foyer and closing the door behind you is basically when you can say, “I’m finally home!” after a long day out.

From the foyer, you will be led to an open area connecting the living, kitchen, and dining areas. The great thing about open space is that your view is unobstructed. Imagine coming home and seeing your family already settled and waiting for you in the living room, or maybe someone cooking in the kitchen where the savory smell of the food just spreads throughout the area. Isn’t that such a warm thought?

This open concept is quite casual and history tells us it started with the need to be able to oversee everything, especially children from one area. This setup is definitely convenient for families with little kids.

A nice-looking mosaic stone fireplace that’s huge enough to keep the household warm is set in the middle of the living area. Stone fireplaces are one of the best ways to keep that contemporary look of the barndominium. If you don’t want to go all the way with the totally rustic look and vibe, settle for the more subtle rustic stone fireplace. This is both aesthetic and functional.

View indoors from the foyer
Open Concept- Living Area
Open Concept View of Living, Dining, and Kitchen Areas

The Kitchen

This HL Custom Homes grey barndominium has a medium-sized kitchen with just enough storage area. The white cabinet doors and drawers give the kitchen a very clean look. An all-white kitchen looks bigger and brighter.

Another thing we love about this kitchen is the red faux brick backsplash. The color pops out against the white walls and cabinetry and breaks the isolated feeling that an all-white kitchen sometimes gives out. Moreso, this is another way to give your kitchen the old-world charm.

The Bedrooms

The bedroom is the most essential part of the house for some. Especially for those who always have a long and busy day, it is essential to keep the bedroom warm and cozy. The bedrooms in this grey barndominium are kept bright with natural light from the windows. Carpeted floors keep your feet relaxed and warm. These bedrooms are certainly perfect for having a good rest.

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

The Common Bathroom

The Utility Room

This grey barndominium by HL Custom Homes has a very simple look, with plain paint colors that are complemented with touches of a rustic feel from the stone fireplace and brick backsplash. The size is perfect for a family. The open concept encourages open communication and more family time together, whether from the kitchen or in the living area. The layout of the bedrooms being not too far from each other also brings a feeling of closeness and safety.

While you’re still planning ahead on building a barndominium in Texas or already live in one, it’s always great to get more ideas. It’s also necessary to be aware of the common mistakes that you need to avoid for you to get that perfect home.

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