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Inspiring Open Concept Barndominium Floor Plans

With the rise of the open concept home over the past several years, it’s no wonder that barndominiums are quickly gaining popularity as well. Open concept floor plans are in high demand due to the airy feel and family atmosphere they provide, and barndominiums lend themselves well to this type of environment. Their tall ceilings and spacious living areas still manage to feel comfortable and cozy due to the rustic nature of the barndominium lifestyle.

While it may seem like all open concept floor plans are almost the same, there are some key differences that could make a big impact on how your home is laid out and how you utilize the space. Whether you’re just planning to live there for a bit, or you’re building a barndo as your forever home, it’s important that you design a space that’s well-suited to your life.

people inside their barndominium

Before you take the plunge and commit to a floorplan, read through these considerations and plan your home around them. We’ve got some outstanding open concept barndominium floor plans for you to peruse as well, although it’s not uncommon for many people to hire pros to create custom plans for their needs. Even if you’d like to do much of the building yourself, starting with a set of plans designed by a pro can be a tremendous asset.

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Open Concept Barndominium Floor Plans – Things to Consider

Even though a floor plan might look wonderful on paper, there are still a lot of practical concerns that you need to take into consideration before you break ground on your barndominium.

Natural Light

One reason why open concept homes are so popular is that they create a huge opportunity to let natural light flood your home, making it warm and welcoming to all who enter. However, an abundance of natural light can also be a big inconvenience if you don’t plan appropriately.

barndominium natural light

Map out your bedrooms so that you’re not directly hit with sunlight first thing in the morning if you’d like the chance to sleep in. Even the best blinds and blackout shades can make it difficult to block the sun’s rays when your bedroom is facing eastward. Likewise, take into consideration the placement of your television when planning your living room. Although all that sun is great to illuminate your living areas in a bright and cheery way, it can become a huge hassle when the glare is so strong that you can’t see the screen anymore.

Family Size

The size of your family will have a huge impact on not just the layout of your home, but its size and number of bedrooms as well. If you’re still expanding your brood, take this into account and make sure that you have enough room not just for everyone to sleep, but also for everyone to have their own space for leisure time as well.

family for a barndominium

Many floor plans that are popular for young families place the children’s bedrooms around a central playroom while using the opposite end of the house for spots like the master bedroom and home office. This gives everyone a chance to enjoy the home without the fear of interruptions or distractions. This floor plan works well for families with older kids too, as the playroom can be repurposed as a game room or a spot for them to hang out with their friends.

kid at playroom in barndominium

Keep in mind that life often changes along the way. Kids might move out or elderly parents might move in, and you could find yourself with different needs for your living space than before. Think about how your rooms can pull double duty if the need to. Can you combine two smaller bedrooms to make a second master living suite for older relatives if needed? Could the playroom be converted into a home theater to give adult children returning to the nest their own private space? These are all important considerations that might change how you want your house to be structured.

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Noise and Activities

If there’s one drawback to an open concept home, it’s that noise can easily carry across several rooms, making it hard to enjoy separate activities or restful periods. Be sure not to underestimate the effect this will have on your family. Although open living spaces are a great way to bring everyone together, that plan can quickly go awry if there’s no way to escape when you need time to concentrate or sleep.

barndominium escape the noise

If you work an overnight shift or you have a home business and need to conduct company calls, you might find that the open concept just doesn’t allow for the separation and quiet you need. Plan your layout accordingly, and don’t be afraid to scrap the open concept altogether if it’s just not feasible for your lifestyle.


Many open floor plans include loft spaces that look fabulous but could pose a threat to small children if not properly planned out. Be sure to incorporate safety measures into any balconies or porches to ensure that your little ones are protected from harm.

barndominium loft

Likewise, it’s not uncommon for many barndominium owners to showcase their firearms in a gun room or a display case. While these can make fabulous accents in any room, it’s always important to practice responsible gun ownership by keeping them out of reach of children, so be sure your plans accommodate this. There are plenty of ways to proudly display your guns in your home in a safe manner for everyone to see.

Open Concept Barndominium Floor Plans with Pictures – Get Inspired With These Floor Plan Ideas

Once you’ve spent some time thinking about how you want your home to function for your family, then the real fun can begin! Take a look through some of these amazing open-concept floor plans to see if any of them inspire you to start building your own dream barndominium.

How to Build Your Own Barndominium & 200+ Floor Plans

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40×80 5 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1 Story Barndominium – PL-61002

PL-61002 Penny Barndominium Floor Plan

With open space for the living room, dining room, and kitchen, this barndo breathes a welcoming and homey atmosphere. Ideal for a large family, it offers a master bedroom and bathroom as well as 4 other bedrooms, one of which can be the designated guest room. An equally large shop is built to the right side of the house and is accessible from the inside through the laundry area, and from the outside via a separate door.

PL-61002 Penny Barndominium Front & Rear Elevation

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3000 sq ft 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms LP-3202

LP-3202 Phoenix Barndominium Floor Plan

The open living room, dining, and kitchen area is great for hosting guests. A lovely fireplace warms the living room in winter. Chefs will love the kitchen and the huge island is ideal for cooking or eating with family and friends. Bedrooms have ample closet space. The new bathrooms are elegant. The front and back porches are ideal for outdoor relaxation. A garage provides room for parking and storing outdoor goods.

LP-3202 Phoenix Barndominium Elevation

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2400 sq ft 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Barndominium LP-3203

LP-3203 Aurora Barndominium First Floor Plan
LP-3203 Aurora Barndominium Second Floor Plan

This magnificent property has 3 bedrooms, including a large master bedroom with a luxurious bath and a closet with attic access. The entrance opens to a pleasant living area with a fireplace. The open living room, dining, and kitchen are ideal for entertaining and making memories. The attic provides additional storage. Play and work in the barndo’s playroom and office. Enjoy peaceful views and fresh air on the patios.

LP-3203 Aurora Barndominium Front & Rear Elevation

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2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Barndominium PL-3204

PL-3204 Atticus Barndominium Floor Plan

This barndominium is rustic and modern with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The open-concept living room, dining room, and kitchen will immediately wow you. The main bedroom’s ensuite bathroom adds luxury to this spacious room. The second bedroom is also well-appointed and flexible. It can be a guest room, office, or playroom. Residents and guests can use the nearby bathroom.

PL-3204 Atticus Barndominium Elevation

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4557 Sq Ft, 2-Story, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms Barndominium – PL-63002

PL-63002 Graham Barndominium First Floor Plan
PL-63002 Graham Barndominium Second Floor Plan

This stunning 2-story property offers 4,557 square feet of living space. The spacious family room with a fireplace is the heart of the home. The garage provides ample space for parking and storage. From the front porch extending to the sides, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax in the fresh air.

The first floor features a master bedroom with its own bath and closet, as well as a second bedroom with a closet, shared bath, laundry room, and mud room. On the second floor, a loft-style design includes another bedroom, a game room, a bathroom, and a huge storage room. This versatile space can be used for anything from a home office to a playroom for the kids.

PL-63002 Graham Barndominium Front & Rear Elevation

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Open Concept 4117 Sq Ft 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms Barndominium – PL-62205


This Barndominium is the right size for families or people who like to host parties. It has 4 beds and 3 bathrooms. The office is perfect for people who work from home, while the playroom is a great place for kids to play and let their thoughts run wild. The large family room is a great place to relax and have people over. From the front and back decks, you can take in the fresh air and beautiful views, and there is plenty of room to sit and eat outside.

PL-62205 Whiting Barndominium Front & Rear Elevation

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Open Concept 4277 Sq Ft 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Barndominium – PL-63001


This beautiful house has a large floor area of 4,277 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house also has a room for people who need to work from home and a large family room. This Barndominium house plan also has a three-car garage, a leisure room and a gym. This beautiful house is finished off with a warm front porch, which is the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

PL-63001 Shayna Barndominium Front & Rear Elevation

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Open Concept 5739 Sq Ft 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Barndominium – LP-1018


With this 2-floor Texas-sized Barndominium, every corner of the house screams space, especially with its vaulted high ceilings. Aside from the bedrooms, the house also has other functional rooms- the office, storage, and movie room; and even has a bonus room. You have front and back porches and a balcony at the back. It also has an attached small garage.


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Open Concept 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Barndominium – PL-61701

This three-bedroom barndominium has a stellar master suite with a large walk-in closet, plus a separate dressing room for extra space. Just off the kitchen are the convenient pantry area and laundry room with plenty of additional shelving for all of your storage needs. Both the second and third bedrooms also have walk-in closets, meaning everyone in the family will have room for their stuff. During the day, the living room will provide a great place to gather, while the breakfast bar provides a convenient spot for snack time or study time.

View PL-61701 Here

Open Concept 3 Bedroom Barndominium – PL-61702

open concept barndominium floor plan with dining room

Here’s another three-bedroom barndominium that is great for families. A dining room separates the kitchen and the living room, providing a designated gathering place for everyone while still maintaining an open and spacious quality. A home office is located just off the entryway. This can give a secluded spot for mom and dad to get their work done, but could also be used as a place for the kids to retreat to when they need to study.

View PL-61702 Here

Open Concept 5 Bedroom + Study Barndominium with Large Porches – PL-61703

This barndominium has got it all! It’s equipped with four bedrooms, plus room for an optional fifth bedroom that could also be used as a study if needed. With the inclusion of a separate playroom, we love the versatility that this would provide to growing families.

A large living room provides plenty of space for the whole family to get together, and the full-length veranda on the front of the house would be the perfect place to sip a glass of lemonade as you watch the sun go down in the summer.

View PL-61703 Here

Open Concept Barndominium- PL-61704

open concept barndominium floor plan with front and back porch

This three-bedroom, two-bath barndominium not only has a large front porch that will greet everyone who arrives, but also a full-length back porch that’s the perfect spot to relax after a long day. It would even be great for your very own outdoor kitchen! With a large living area flanked by bedrooms on each side, there’s plenty of space for everyone to spend time together while still having their own spaces to retreat to at night.

View PL-61704 Here

Open Concept 3 Bedroom Barndominium with Safe Room- PL-61705

A little different than some of the other layouts we’ve seen, this barndo has a dedicated safe room located just off the utility area. Perfect for storing your guns and other items you want to keep secure, this room could also be repurposed for general storage if needed. Beyond that, there are plenty of thoughtful touches that elevate this floor plan into something truly special, like the skylight located in the master closet.

View PL-61705 Here

Open Concept Barndominium with Large Garage- PL-61706

open concept barndominium floor plan with double garage

This barndo features two beautiful porches as well as a double garage for all of your needs. A small office could also be used as a play space for kids, while the kitchen and dining room flow right into the living room to keep everyone together.

View PL-61706 Here

How to Build Your Own Barndominium & 200+ Floor Plans

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Open Concept Barndominium – PL-61707

open concept barndominium floor plan with workshop

This floor plan would be a dream for anyone with hobbies that need a lot of space. A 45’x15′ workshop is located at one end of the home, allowing you plenty of room to take your projects to the next level. The two smaller bedrooms share a bath, and there’s a spacious island in the kitchen that would make a natural gathering spot while entertaining.

View PL-61707 Here

Open Concept Barndominium with Kid’s Room- PL-61708

open concept barndominium floor plan with kid's room

This four-bedroom barndominium has a kid’s room that opens up to the kitchen, giving your little ones the perfect place to play while allowing you to keep an eye on them at the same time.

There’s a Jack and Jill bath for two of the smaller bedrooms, but the third bedroom has its own dedicated full bath, making this layout ideal for older kids who have moved back home or elderly parents who need that extra bit of privacy.

View PL-61708 Here

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While open concept floor plans can be the perfect solution for busy families, there are still drawbacks and other issues that should be taken into consideration when laying out your home.

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