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Outdoor Barndominium Kitchens Every Barndo Should Have

barndominium kitchens

Outdoor barndominium kitchens are becoming a popular topic for those folks who want the ultimate barndominium experience, They’re popping up like mushrooms in barndo backyards across the country.

What is an outdoor barndominium kitchen? It provides an ideal way to expand the effective square footage of your barndominium. Lets you cook outdoors, eat outdoors and entertain outdoors. It costs anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000, depending on how large or how small you want it to be.

What does an outdoor barndominium kitchen look like?

Once upon a time, they were simply the place out in the yard where your dad either built or assembled his barbecue grill. Anything from simple cast iron hibachis — remember those? — to the most elaborate brick and mortar barbecue pits you could imagine.

Then there’s the story of the hapless dad who used leftover bricks from another project to build his outdoor barbecue, complete with chimney. He failed to use any mortar or mud or any kind of cement to hold it together. The result was predictable. Don’t be that guy.

What does an outdoor barndominium kitchen cost?

As we noted above, depending on how simple or elaborate you want your outdoor kitchen to be, the cost can vary widely.

For example, you can just put up a simple canopy from Amazon like those you would find at an outdoor festival, roll an inexpensive charcoal grill under there and call it a day. Total cost: around $150, not counting sandbags or concrete cinder blocks to keep the canopy from flying away in a high wind.

barndominium kitchens are so cozy

Or, you can go all in and put together an elaborate redwood gazebo, complete with romantic twinkle lights for added nighttime ambiance. Assembly of this one, built not of redwood, but white cedar with a redwood stain, shouldn’t involve more than a few friends, a case of beer and a kit from a third party retailer on Amazon.

What makes a great outdoor barndominium kitchen?

You’ll need a grill and counter space at a minimum, but a sink and refrigerator are nice to have as well. For those, of course, your outdoor kitchen will probably need a roof of some kind.

Adding these touches to a simple barbecue area will elevate it to the status of outdoor kitchen and, according to real estate agents, you’ll also boost the resale value of your barndo.

How much farther should you reasonably go? That’s entirely up to you.

Some folks just keep it minimal, with perhaps a weatherproof cabinet close by to store grill equipment and charcoal. Others (again, with a roof) make their outdoor kitchen as fancy as their indoor kitchen, with upscale cabinetry and granite countertops.

Needless to say, you’re probably also going to  want a table and some chairs in, or near, your outdoor kitchen.

We would advise something weatherproof, even if you have a roof. The elements like wind, rain, moisture, and heat will all take their toll in the summer months when you are most likely to use your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor barndominium kitchen ideas

great outdoor barndominium kitchen ideas

Outdoor Barndominium Kitchen Idea no. 1 – from

Here’s a style known as “shabby chic.” it relies on whitewashed brick for its distinctively aged look.

Then the design calls for complementary muted gray countertops and an intricately laid brick floor.

With open air all around, you and your guests will feel right at home out here.

Outdoor Barndominium Kitchen Idea no. 2 – also from

Need a prep space to get the plates and other food ready while your main meal sizzles on a nearby grill?

Make good use of surplus produce or fruit crates (available for the asking at most groceries or farmers markets).

They will look good (and rustic) on any outdoor wall adjacent to or even in your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Barndominium Kitchen Idea no. 3 – from

Turn your outdoor kitchen into a sports bar with the addition of a few hanging flat screen TVs.

Your guests will gather around you as you grill dinner and cheer on their favorite team. They’ll thank you for this little unexpected touch.

Turns out, they didn’t have to miss the big game by coming to your get-together after all.

Outdoor Barndominium Kitchen Idea no. 4 – also from

You can re-create the Hanging Gardens of Babylon by suspending some well-placed Boston ferns above the heads of guests in your outdoor pavilion.

(We think the design creates the most welcoming, open feel of any shown so far,)

The curved arch skylight is particularly appealing, but we’re not sure where you would get one like it.

Outdoor Barndominium Kitchen Idea no. 5 — from


And speaking of bringing the outdoors in, if you have a covered porch area that only has a few lounge chairs on it now, consider really taking things to the next level with this design that makes, of all things, the ventahood the dominant feature in this outdoor kitchen.

Positioned as it is over the grill, it’s finished out to neatly match the elegant wood paneling on wall and ceiling. Wrapping up the whole thing into a superfunctional and modern design.

Build vs Buy Outdoor Barndominium Kitchens

The question most often asked about outdoor kitchens has to do with whether it make more sense to build from scratch, or just buy it at Lowes, Costco or somewhere online.

in searching for an answer, we were surprised at the amazing number of companies that are choosing to supply a solution for this market need. For example, we discovered there are more than 13,000 Google searches each month just for outdoor kitchens. And, if you were to do that yourself, you’d to find the top retailers of prefab outdoor kitchen, just as we did.

To save you some trouble, however, here’s an idea of what they have preassembled and ready to ship.

The Lion Resort Q BBQ Grill Island — here’s a ready-to-go, all-in-one elongated island upon which you can work your barbecue magic.

It doesn’t just include a fully assembled cabinet and countertop — it also comes pre-equipped with a refrigerator and a large, high-quality grill.

See it for yourself at Woodland Direct.

Pizza, pizza! — From Home Depot (of all places) comes an italian made pizza oven. It’s the Forno Venetzia Pronto 500 Wood Burning Oven.

Comes fully assembled and ready to be fired up on your patio or wherever your outdoor kitchen happens to be.

  • Full insulated, built-in thermometer, door
  • 4-wheels (2 swivel and 2 fixed)
  • Designer chimney cap

(More to come shortly)