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Rosebud Barndominium: 2757 sqft Custom-built With Gorgeous Kitchen

This Barndominium in Texas is a 2,757 square feet living space customized by Houston Construction for the Scott Family. This custom metal home has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a 25′ x 25′ carport.

The Rosebud Barndominium Exterior

This house might just be everybody’s envy. It looks gorgeous outside with its charcoal grey exterior wall color with stone wainscot. Wainscots give much more function than just a perfect addition to your design ideas. While the exterior screams simplicity, you know there’s got to be more to this. And there is!

Rosebud Barndominium Exterior
Rosebud Barndominium Front View

The Interior

We love high ceilings! It gives the immediate impression of a huge space, brightness, and airiness. It also gives a feeling of class and luxury, especially when you put up your decorative lights. But more importantly, it’s easier to cool homes with higher ceilings, especially in warmer climates. The Rosebud Barndominium ceiling is 14 feet to the top.

The family has opted for an LED fireplace neatly designed and placed in the middle of the great room. An electric fireplace gives more convenience being easy to install, cheaper to run with little to no maintenance, and little safety risk. And with all these said, it’s also the most affordable type of fireplace and still increases the resale value of your home.

Moving on to the best part of the house, the kitchen! It could be just anybody’s dream. That beautiful, immaculate kitchen is such envy. The ceiling is 10 feet high, perfectly accented by really cool lighting fixtures. The colors in this kitchen are nice and easy on the eyes. The white cabinets are simply stylish and look really nice. You really get the feeling that you shouldn’t get dirt on anything.

Set your attention to the 8′ x 10′ Granite center island. The size is useful for putting lots of groceries, schoolwork, and regular work on. Although, it might get a little difficult to clean it. One would have to climb on top or use a mop to reach and clean the center.

The kitchen has quite a lot of space. We love the fact that it also has a view of the outdoor. With attention paid to the little details, the Rosebud Barndominium kitchen is absolutely perfect.

Great room with a fireplace
Rosebud Barndominium
Rosebud Barndominium Kitchen
Rosebud Barndominium
Rosebud Barndominium

Master Bedroom, bath and closet

Rosebud Barndominium Master Bedroom, bath, and closet
Master Vanity
Those are lovely lighting fixtures.
Master Shower
The shower is quite convenient with two shower heads- and in black. Really nice!
Master Closet

Bathroom 2

Rosebud Barndominium Bathroom 2
This mirror is simple yet stylish and very charming.
Bathroom 2 shower and tub
The bathroom wall and floor designs look great. The floor, though, might need a little more effort to clean up.

Utility Room

Now, here are some interesting details. Aside from the usual laundry area, the room is also designed for your furry babies. The dogs have their own ‘doggie door’, and guess what else? They also have their own shower! That is seriously really cute.

Rosebud Barndominium
Laundry Area
Laundry Area with the doggy door
Dog Shower
Fancy that dog shower!
Safe Room
Gun Safe Room

Rosebud Barndominium Floor Plan

Get your hands on this floor plan with a great layout. The open concept kitchen, dining, and living area have a really huge space. Two bedrooms are on each side behind the fireplace and a bathroom in the middle with pocket doors on each side. The carport is also huge enough for two cars.

You’ve been dreaming to build your own barndominium, go for the customized build. Here are some tips on how an owner got his customized barndo done.

Rosebud Barndominium Floor Plan

You can check out Pinterest and many other websites for your barndo planning. Also, get lots of ideas, how-to tips, and more from the Barndominium Life Program!

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