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Rhome Texas Barndominium: 2800 sqft Inviting White Home

Here’s another piece of heaven in a home, an amazing barndominium in Texas. This is the Rhome Texas Barndominium and we’re excited to show you around it. It’s one of the rare black and white exterior homes but the mostly-all-white interior has scattered pops of red and blue abound. Black and white is very catchy from the exterior, even from afar. It appears even more appealing with its pretty red door that’s quite cute, too.

The entire house measures 62’ x 45’ big with 4 bedrooms, a playroom, and 3.5 baths. The wrap-around porch and a carport make the home even bigger. An even bigger plus is the outdoor fireplace and family pool.


The classic black-and-white combination definitely isn’t for everyone. The monochromatic scheme displays simplicity to some, plain and uninteresting for several, but can be a very exciting canvas for some others. Black and white make anything look chic and timeless. While it’s charming on its own, a little stray from being monochromatic by adding pops of a color or two can make a big difference.

This barndominium looks simply noticeable with its red door. It actually looks very inviting from a distance, like it’s already leading guests toward the entrance. This home in the middle of green space will make you feel relaxed and at ease.

Many barndominiums have a garage attached to their homes but the Rhome Texas Barndominium has a carport. While garages offer more protection from elements, adds more security, and added value to your property here’s a more detailed comparison between carports and garages to help you decide which one is best for your home.

Making the property even more inviting and bigger is the wrap around porch. The thought might be overly simple. What’s so special about a porch anyway? Well, its function doesn’t stop at giving you an area to relax. It can also be another place in the house to socialize and entertain. There’s even more to wraparound porches than what meets the eye.

Rhome Texas Barndominium Frnot shot
White walls with black trim and Galvalume roof
Rhome Texas Barndominium with carport
Carport closer shot
Rhome Texas Barndominium back view
Rhome Texas Barndominium wrap-around porch
Warp-around porch
Rhome Texas Barndominium back view with pool

Wrap-around porch, pool & outdoor fireplace

Another feature of this barndo that the family loves is their outdoor fireplace and pool. The porch and patio are great areas at home to gather people around. Having an outdoor fireplace makes these areas available for all four seasons.

And what better way to beat the Texas heat than a dip in this pool! It could be one of the best features this home has to offer. The Rhome Texas Barndominium certainly looks a lot of fun to visit or live in, too.

Rhome Texas Barndominium Porch Outdoor fireplace and pool
Outdoor Fireplace


The Open concept kitchen, dining, and living area

Now, we’re all familiar with the open concept that barndominiums have. Certainly, this layout creates a lot more space. White is a great wall canvas and that pop of color from the fireplace looks really nice. Add in some rustic accents from the exposed wooden beams, and the wooden door to match its lovely flooring.

Rhome Texas Barndominium Open concept shot with fireplace
Indoor Fireplace
Rhome Texas Barndominium fireplace and entrace door shot
Rhome Texas Barndominium dining area
Rhome Texas Barndominium open concept living, dining, and kitchen area shot
Rhome Texas Barndominium

The Kitchen

Would anyone agree that this kitchen looks so perfectly neat? White makes it look so pristine while the pop of blue from the center island and lighting fixtures make this whole setup appear less dainty.

Rhome Texas Barndominium Kitchen
Rhome Texas Barndominium Center Isle

The Playroom

Putting the playroom near the kitchen is definitely a great idea. Moms spend a lot of time in the kitchen with the cooking and cleaning, and it’s near the laundry area, too. Multi-tasking around the kitchen while looking after the little ones should be more convenient.

Bedroom 5 near the kitchen

The Bedrooms

True, 4 bedrooms is a lot. Either the Rhome Texas Barndominium is owned by a big family, or they just love having people over for short stays. In either case, the rooms look very spacious and bright with its white walls and ceiling.

Rhome Texas Barndominium Master Bedroom
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 4
Bedroom 4

The Closets

Rhome Texas Barndominium Master Closet
Master Closet


Rhome Texas Barndominium Master Bathroom Vanity
Master Shower
Half Bathroom
Full Bathroom 2
Full Bathroom 3
Plenty of cabinets in the foyer on the way out to the pool area.
Rhome Texas Barndominium Laundry Room Door to Car Port
Laundry Room with the door leading out to the carport.

It’s almost our own version of heaven to be living in this beautiful home. The perfectly laid-out features make it feel so warm and inviting, and it’s an inviting space for both guests and full-timers.

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