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3-Bedroom, 2-Bathroom + Flex Room Barndominium

This unassuming yet spacious home is in the heart of the quiet city of Boyd, Wise County, Texas. Accessible through a tree-lined driveway, the structure of this barndominium in Texas is comfortably surrounded by wide-open spaces.

Boyd Barndominium – Custom Built by Deer Trail Estates

Since no space can be strictly referred to as a carport, vehicles may be parked in front or by either side of the house. The back porch is an option, too.


Boyd, Texas Barndominium


The Exterior

The front porch roof is supported by slim beams in white and dark brown, while the elegant exterior walls feature blue-green painted metal on the upper half and neutral multicolored bricks on the lower half.

Meanwhile, the back porch looks identical, except for the bricks.


The Interior

Combining a rustic, country feel and a modern atmosphere, the interior plays with a mix of neutral colors. The brown marble floor is accentuated with subtle dark brown swirls, the walls and ceilings are in varying shades of light gray, and the doors and doorways are plain white.

The bedrooms can be accessed from the foyer. The small sized foyer delightfully leads to a large open space which converts into the living cum dining room.


Open Space – The Living and Dining Room

Without delineations between the living room and the dining room, the open space offers flexibility as well as the opportunity for creativity. And with a high ceiling such as this one, it exudes an air of calm and comfort.


This house is full of surprises. Who would think that this simple and somewhat small wooden door is the entryway to a surprisingly spacious abode?


One look at this view and you can easily imagine waking up to bright, cheery mornings, and winding down to cool, relaxing nights.


The Kitchen

Start your day with freshly brewed coffee in this sleek and compact kitchen. Equipped with brown cupboards and slate gray cabinets, there is a place for everything, and everything is within reach. The wide windows allow ample of natural light. In addition, pin lights on the ceiling and two pendant lights over the sink offer more illumination.


The island and kitchen countertops are made of textured white granite, while the backsplash is an array of white tiles, all sleek yet easy to clean. This kitchen comes with a dishwasher, fridge, and stovetop accompanied by an exhaust installed on the wall.


You can add a breakfast table by the window, right under the ornate mini chandelier making it a picturesque dining area with the wide-open outdoors as the perfect setting.

Boyd-Barndominium-Kitchen-with-view-of-the-Flex Room

The flex room is also accessible from the kitchen.


The Flex Room

Keeping true to its name, this bonus room is a flexible versatile space that can be used as you please. Its possible functions are endless – the wide window in the room makes it airy and bright, perfect as a hobby room for painting or crafts, as a study or a library, or even a guest room.


The Utility and Pantry Room

Tucked in and unobtrusive, we just love how this space with cool white shelves combines efficiency and convenience for optimized storage. The bright overhead lights and the small window ensure the room is well lit any time of the day.


No need to worry about odors too. The utility and pantry room has its own window, small though it may be to let the stuffy air out and fresh breeze in.


Where the brown marbled floor ends, the light gray carpeted master’s bedroom floor begins. The ceiling mirrors it in the same hue, while the dark gray walls and white cabinet offer a contrast that completes the neutral theme. The chandelier-lighted ceiling fan with pull chains enhances the look of the room. 


The Master Bedroom and Bath

To ensure total privacy, only a hallway stands between the master bedroom and bathroom.


The glass shower enclosure and white bathtub are built next to each other, with the glass also serving as a splash guard. The entire area is designed in shades of gray and white with gray-and-white textured wall tiles, and alternating gray and white floor tiles in the shower area.


On the opposite side of the bathroom stands the double sink with built-in cabinets. Above it a brown wood framed mirror lines the length of the wall making it more than comfortable for use by a couple at the same time. Two sets of overhead lights provide ambient lighting.


The master’s living area also comes with an all-white walk-in closet complete with shelves and drawers.


This house also comes with two additional bedrooms.


The color scheme is maintained through all the bedrooms for a seamless look.


Wide windows on two sides of each bedroom bring in the natural light while offering a fantastic view of the landscape.


Both bedrooms have built-in, spacious white cabinets.

Occupants of the two bedrooms can share the hall bath strategically placed in between.


Much like the master’s bathroom, the hall bath features a marble top sink with cabinets underneath and a mirror above with the same lighting fixture.

Hall Bath

An overhead shower is added to the bathtub for space-saving efficiency.


The rustic and natural outdoors belies the cool and sophisticated indoors with its modern touch adding its own charm.

Decatur Barndominium Floor Plan

If this home inspired you to build your own barndominium, check out the floor plan below. This house with its large open spaces indoors and out is just perfect for a large family.

You can also customize it to your own taste and style if you wish.


Plan your own barndo now. For more ideas, pro tips, and building suggestions, check out the program we created especially for barndominium enthusiasts. Get the Barndominium Life Program!

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