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Minimalist New York Barndominium Full of Modern Intrigue

Today’s featured home is a rare treat for us: a build that’s not only totally stunning in its own right, but is also a great example of suburban barndos done right!

New York Barndominium - Exterior

Stunningly Suburban New York Barndominium

Situated in a community in Finger Lakes, New York, this barndominium brings together a striking exterior, a beautifully arranged yard, and breathable, open interiors filled with modern comforts and decor.

Without further adieu, let’s get into why we love this New York barndominium home so much!


New York Barndominium - Exterior 2

Saying this New York barndominium makes a great first impression would be an understatement. The classic and distinctly barn-like shape, reminiscent of the middle section in a monitor barndominium, finds a modern contrast in the stark black color of the walls and the neat, clean-cut tiling of the roof.

Two large awning windows on the second floor, as well as the slatted panels of the fence that squares off the yard, adds a suburban streak that sets the place apart as a truly unique barndominium.

New York Barndominium - Yard

This yard is a stand-out highlight of the home, and one of the best we’ve featured on Barndominium Life in a long time. At its center, a low, steel fire table is surrounded by five wooden adirondack-style chairs, with a row of floor cushions so there’s always room for more company! 

New York Barndominium - Fire Table

Potted flowers arranged near the fire area and on a beautiful outdoor dining table breathe life into the gray concrete paving, and a string of lights draped from the house itself to the fence helps close the space in, making you pine for a long summer evening to enjoy this beautiful space on.

New York Barndominium - Balcony

To top it all off, there’s an outdoor stairway that leads from the yard directly up to a balcony area on the second floor, where another suite of comfortable, modern furniture welcomes you to kick back.

Barndominium Interior

Living Area / Dining Room

New York Barndominium - Kitchen / Living Room

Just past some sliding conservatory doors, we find a living and dining area that’s brimming with tasteful, beautiful modern decor.

The plain white of the walls is complemented beautifully in the dining area by light wood-effect flooring, and generous use of more wood in the ash-colored dining table and the stairway’s banister.

We also love the large, circular mirror mounted right next to the dining table, and the deep blue front of the storage unit beneath it, which adds another great flare of modern intrigue.

New York Barndominium - Dining Table

In the living area, a sleek, minimalist table, three-seater sofa, and a TV unit are all a matching shade of deep brown, serving to add a sense of depth and warmth to the space, and preventing the ample use of white from making the room feel cold.

New York Barndominium - Glass Doors


New York Barndominium - Kitchen

The barndominium kitchen of this New York barndo is simple, practical, and beautifully minimalist, with all the space and features needed for a home this size.

The space is well-lit by two small casement windows, as well as a ring of small, domed ceiling lights. This light floods every corner and fills the white of the kitchen island, the cabinets, and the worktops. 

New York Barndominium - Kitchen

Kitchen islands are a popular feature for obvious reasons, but all too often we see one forced into a relatively small kitchen. This certainly isn’t the case here, with a nice wide length of floor space that would allow two or more people to cook together in total comfort.

We’re not usually a fan of this kind of pervasive monochrome within kitchen decor, but this home certainly pulls it off, with the ample white offset by the chrome appliances, the black window frames, and the ever-present wood effect flooring. The sharp, brass-colored handles on the cabinets and faucet are also a great choice for the base color scheme.


New York Barndominium - Bedroom

The bedrooms in this home take the minimalism a little further than the spaces on the first floor, with bright, clean colors and modern furnishings.

Though palpably 21st century, these spaces still manage to feel welcoming and lived-in, avoiding the cold, sterile mood of a hotel room which can happen as a result of minimalism done wrong.

New York Barndominium - Bedroom 2

A king-size bed dominates the master bedroom, distinguished by the modernism of the low, black bedframe and bright white sheets, centered perfectly on a huge off-white rug that acts as a kind of corner-of-your-eye focal point.

A divan, again in a strikingly simple, modern design, stands along one wall, and breathes a sense of warmth into the room with its greenish-brown hue.

A second bedroom has twinned double beds, perfect as a guest room, separated by an end table with the same gorgeous white-and-brass color scheme as the kitchen cabinets downstairs. A tall awning window in the side of the roof fills the space with natural light, and gives the occupant a lovely, far-reaching view of the leafy neighborhood outside.

Wrapping Up…

This New York Barndominium is the epitome of modernity done right, with enough contemporary design conventions to be striking, and a timeless sense of homeyness that ensures it stays comfortable. If you’re looking for help and inspiration to build your own barndominium, be sure to check out our Barndominiums Made Easy Program!

If you would like more guides like this one, check out the rest of There, you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also find featured barndominiums, barndominium floor plans, and information on financing and insurance. Knowing as much as you can will help you get the best results for your dream home.