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6 Best Barndominium Boys Bedroom Ideas

When designing a barndominium, it is easy to get bogged down with the bigger picture. Things like the living area, dining room, and kitchen can take up a lot of mental space and some things can slip through the cracks. Specifically, barndominium boys bedrooms are often overlooked even though they are an integral part of the space and contribute to the overall feel of the home. To help give you some ideas for your own project, we have put together a collection of amazing barndominium boys bedrooms that can inspire you and get you started on the right track. 

What to Consider When Designing Barndominium Boys Bedrooms

With barndominium boys bedrooms, it is important to keep things simple. Boys often have a lot of things like sports equipment, toys, and games and all of them need a place to go and a space they can call their own. Plus, there should be room for running around, roughhousing, and getting out all that excess energy. Above all else, barndominium boys bedrooms should be functional and usable for all kinds of purposes and circumstances. 

6 Outstanding Barndominium Boys Bedrooms

Cozy Cabin-Style Ely, Minnesota Barndominium

barndominium boys bedrooms

With barndominium boys bedrooms, you have a lot of options when it comes to things like materials and colors. This bedroom makes great use of natural wood colors and textures, both of which can bring some rustic touches to the home. The rough-hewn cuts of the beds and the wood paneling make for a great look that any boy will absolutely love. 

If there is one thing that is suited for barndominium boys bedrooms, it is bunk beds. Bunk beds are fun and they also help make the best use of space in a room. These beds also have the added element of the rustic wood, which gives the room a masculine, organic feel if that is what you are looking for. 

2498 Gourdneck Rd NW, Tullahoma, TN 37388

barndominium boys bedrooms

When designing barndominium boys bedrooms, it’s important to think about what elements should be included. Accents are a great way to bring one element to the forefront and create something very functional and beautiful. This room has a large beam running through it, which acts as a bold accent piece. This could also be functional as a place to hang things or an area for shelving. 

In barndominium boys bedrooms, you don’t always have to have dark colors. This room is a great example with its light browns and grays. Plus, the light wood flooring does a great job of making everything look slightly larger. This kind of depth can be incredibly effective, as is shown here. 

Luxury Farmhouse-Style Greensburg, Kentucky Barndominium by Jana Shofner Edwards

barndominium boys bedrooms

Simplicity is the key when designing barndominium boys bedrooms. This room is a great representation of how simplicity can go a long way. We love the light gray of the walls and how they match with the wood of the dresser. The carpet on the floor also brings some of those tones together to tie everything up nicely. 

The bed is obviously going to be the centerpiece of all barndominium boys bedrooms. This one features the same color and material as the dresser. This is a crucial consideration if you want everything to flow and feel as coherent as possible. 

Birchwood, Wisconsin Barndominium by Cari Leu with an Impressive Workshop/Garage

barndominium boys bedrooms

Most of the time, when designing barndominium boys bedrooms, you will be thinking about things like the flooring and walls. However, you might not consider how important the ceiling is for the overall feel of the space and its aesthetic. This room features heavy, dark wood paneling on the ceiling and this is why it feels so rustic and organic. This is great for barndominium boys bedrooms and really gives it that outdoorsy feel that so many boys absolutely love. 

You also might be surprised at how effective dark trims and accents can be for making a room feel cohesive and put-together. Even a small thing like trim around the door can make a big impact on the rest of the space and bring everything into focus. This, plus the dark wood floors and ceilings, gives the whole room a clubhouse feel, which is perfect for younger boys and even teenagers. 

4850 E Us Highway 10, Chase, MI 49623

barndominium boys bedrooms

Designing barndominium boys bedrooms can be a fun exercise in turning certain tropes on their head. While many boys bedrooms tend to have darker, deeper hues, this one features a lighter and more natural motif. However, it is not without the more masculine themes that one might expect from a boys bedroom. The cowboy touches here and there make for an excellent combination of classic feel and modern touches throughout. 

One of the things that makes this one of the best barndominium boys bedrooms we have found is the furniture. The fruit box-style end table is an excellent, rustic addition to the room. Plus, using the ladder as a small shelving unit above the bed is absolutely inspired. These small details make up the whole of the room and create something quite amazing. 

9 S Roscoe Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

barndominium boys bedrooms

Barndominium boys bedrooms can be just as modern as any other room in your home. This is exemplified perfectly here with the leather chairs underneath the window. While leather is certainly a high-end material, it is also incredibly durable. It could be just right for the use and abuse it would get in some barndominium boys bedrooms. 

The barn door in this room is another amazing touch. This is a rustic, tough-looking little accent and it really brings the modern feel to a cozier level. This, combined with the light wood flooring makes this room a great choice for boys of all ages. 


Putting together ideas for barndominium boys bedrooms can be overwhelming. There are so many options and so many things to consider that are specific to your own kids. Knowing what some other people have done in their homes is a fantastic way to make the right choices and create something special. 

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