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Beautiful Southern Indiana Shome 

You will be amazed at this southern Indiana Shome if you are looking for a shome that has a large shop with ample living space as well. This featured home shows you how to make the most of your living space while also having plenty of shop to store and work on everything your heart desires.

Beautiful Southern Indiana Shome With Large Shop

Check out this stunning Southern Indiana Shome. It’s definitely a beauty! If you are looking for a shome with a large shop and just enough living space then you are in luck.

There are so many things to admire about this home from the brick exterior to the interior trim and let’s not forget the vaulted ceiling in the living room. Take a look and get ready to fall in love with this Indiana shouse that has a 4800 sqft shop with an attached 1200sqft living space.


Exterior view of Southern Indiana Shome

From the driveway bridge that leads into the property the first thing that I notice is the light tan-colored bricks and the solid black shingles. These colors really go well together making the exterior of this shome really pleasing to the eye. 

The entryway inside the home is marked by five brick columns that extend a cover porched out from the front entrance. This area would make a great place to put some black outdoor rocking chairs. Those rocking chairs would be nice, especially if your long hours put in at the shop have you seeking some relaxation from your day and a breath of fresh air. 

To the right of the entryway, you have three shop doors. These doors allow you to have easy access to the shop as well as the ease of pulling in and out larger equipment or even motor vehicles. The black color of the doors matches the roof perfectly, making the exterior of this shome really all come together well.

This smaller garage door on the back wall of this shop is genius! It allows you the ability to store all larger vehicles in one spot while still being able to use this door for yard work equipment without having a hassle with weaving through a packed shop or pulling out cars every time you need access. The best part? You’ll have less stress when it comes to having an alternative door to get things in and out of.

Living Space

The living room and kitchen have an open floor concept. I like that the living room is open and airy with a tan brick fireplace, making it feel bigger than you would think from looking at the size. I love the details the vaulted ceiling brings to the room and the light tan flooring that stretches across the whole living space. Just picture a cozy couch and a nice recliner with a beautiful area rug, and now with that visual, this living space has to feel like home sweet home.


Thanks to the stainless steel appliances, this kitchen has a sleek and clean look. The countertop color choice is perfect for tying in all the colors. From the brown cabinets to the light shade color chosen for the floors! The counter even hangs over allowing you barstool seating to help minimize the need for a kitchen table. This feature really helps allow more room in your living space not needing a table to eat at.

The deep sink is great for washing those larger pots that don’t fit in your dishwasher or may need to be washed by hand. The light fixture hanging directly over it gives you more visibility when washing dishes, which can sometimes be an issue if there isn’t enough lighting or shadows exist where more light is needed in the kitchen. That can be really frustrating, but that won’t be an issue in this home with this light directly over your sink.

To the left of the fridge is a pantry closet giving you a great option to store your food and other larger appliances allowing you more room in your cabinets for cups, plates, and bowls.


The bedroom is behind the kitchen and has an on-suite bathroom and a nice size walk-in closet. The bedroom’s white walls and brown trim work are carried out throughout the whole house, making a nice flowing feel that takes you from room to room. This room has plenty of space for a king-size bed and has great lighting from the installed light fixtures.


Like the other walls in the home, the bathroom walls have nice clean white paint. Giving it a nice calm feeling as you enter. The same flooring is also used in the bathroom that has been in all the other living spaces of this house. The highlight of this bathroom is the tiled walk-in shower. Notice the black tile flooring that really gives this shower more personality. Which helps tie in the black hardware used. Let’s not forget the built-in ledge to sit on and two square shelves to store your shampoo and soap really make this shower a dream!


To the right of the kitchen is a small office with a double-door closet. This small office has plenty of space for a desk and storage. It’s perfect if you need somewhere separate from your living area to work or store personal items. This closet would be the perfect place for storing personal items or maybe extra coats and decor pieces if needed. Note the ease of electric outlets on the floor allowing you easy access to electricity from the desk to plug in all your cords with ease.

Building Your Own Indiana Shouse

If seeing this beautiful Indiana shouse sparked your interest to build your own then be sure to check out our list of floor plans and see which shouse floor plan best fits your needs and interest.