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5 Great Barndominium Decorating Ideas

When a lot of people think of barndominiums, it conjures up an image of rural, rustic aesthetics that put a lot of stress on these properties being repurposed barns. Though leaning into a “country living” character can bring out some great results, there’s many other ways to approach decorating a barndominium which can produce some truly stunning and unique interiors.

Finding Inspiration for Barndominium Decorating

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If you’re in the early stages of building a barndominium, you may be wondering about the scope and limitations of decorating your new home. In today’s post, we’ll look at some of the best barndominium decorating ideas we’ve seen in recent years, and hopefully give you some great inspiration for planning your barndo decor!

Kitchen – Texas Red Barndominium

Barndominium Decorating Ideas - Texas Kitchen

The kitchen in this Texas Red Barndominium really makes the most of the vast amount of open-plan space that’s common in a lot of modern barndominiums. The light walnut-colored natural wood on the cabinets, drawers, and kitchen island blend nicely with the calm hues of the walls, floors, and trims, and provide the perfect base for both the tortoiseshell worktops and dark, brick-style cladding. 

Not too old-school and not too modern, these warm textures come together for the perfect backdrop to the steel of the taps and appliances, as well as the black metal of the hanging lamps above the island.

Living Room – Perry, Kentucky Barndominium

Barndominium Decorating Ideas - Kentucky

We love the living area in this Perry, Kentucky Barndominium for the beautiful way it turns a lot of preconceptions about barndominium decorating on their head. If you were to find yourself in this room, you’d probably have no idea that the building was made from a steel-walled pole barn!

This interior looks as cozy and solid as any modern home, and the choice of muted beiges and browns in the furniture suite makes for a beautiful combination with the plain gray paint job on the walls and the near-mahogany hue of the flooring.

The large, stone fireplace is a truly beautiful focal point, embellished tastefully with its white mantel and the mounted TV. A dark end table, a white table and chairs in the corner, and a medley of other decorative pieces dotted around the room, gives this space a charming, “lived in” quality.

Bathroom – Pinno Buildings Wisconsin Barndominium 

Barndominium Decorating Ideas - Wisconsin Bathroom

The bathroom design in this Pinno Buildings Wisconsin Barndominium goes to great lengths to distance the word “barndominium” from the overly rustic and rural style that many people associate with it. Instead, this home goes all-out on clean, stripped-down minimalism. 

The white walls, white basins, and polished stone floor finds a stark contrast in the dark natural woods of the lower cabinets and drawers, as well as the jet black of the full-length mirror frame. 

The standalone soaker tub, set at a not-quite 45 degree angle from a corner of the room, along with the hanging bulbs and the distinctive shape of the waste bin, hammers home the modernity of this bathroom, with each distinctive feature almost acting as its own little focal point for a different section of the room.

Bedroom – Ocala, Florida Barndominium

Barndominium Decorating Ideas - Florida Bedroom

Each of the five bedrooms in this Ocala, Florida home are brimming with their own great barndominium decorating ideas, but we thought the master bedroom had a particularly homey beauty which set it apart.

Combining strong elements of both retro and modern design trends, this bedroom seems to carry its own unique “neo-ranch” character. The natural wood of the bedframe and ceiling, the animal skin on the floor, and the sliding door in the corner, all take strong cues from ranch-style barndominium decor, while the cool blue of the walls, canvases, and contemporary wall pieces like the lettering, all bring home the spirit of a quintessentially modern bedroom.

This space is a great example of how you can go for a bold new style, without having to substitute the unique, personal touches that make your home yours.

Entryway – Rustic Illinois Barndominium

Barndominium Decorating Ideas - Illinois Entranceway

The entrance and hall of this Rustic Illinois Barndominium captures a strong sense of coming home, and does a fantastic job of balancing function with style.

The acid-stained concrete floors (with a nice vintage runner guiding you into the house) are a beautiful mottled brown color, blending perfectly with the natural woods of a cabinet standing against one wall and a shelf of the blue-gray bench shoe rack. 

The show rack itself is an eye-catching and functional piece of decor, with a wealth of space along the stop for displaying ornaments and a bench to sit on when you’re kicking off or putting on your shoes. The box light mounted in the ceiling adds a splash of the contemporary, and provides an effective foil to more rustic features like the ceramic jugs by the stairs.

One feature we loved in particular was the ceiling post at the edge of the runner. Like its little brothers acting as posts for the banister, these pieces are made from reclaimed wood from a demolished barn, which not only look great in the hall’s color scheme, but highlight the ingenuity that can come out of a barndominium building project!

We hope you’ve been inspired by this round-up of some of our favorite barndominium decorating ideas from various places around our featured homes. If you want to know more about building your own barndo, be sure to check out our Build Your Dream Barndominium eBook on Amazon!