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Beautiful Wyoming Barndominum for Horse Lovers by the Timothy Family

This beautiful Wyoming barndominum for horse lovers by the Timothy family is the perfect place for anyone who loves horses. Sick of the trek from the stable to the house in cold weather? Don’t want to have to worry about checking on an ailing horse in the middle of the night? 

This home eliminates those problems by housing the horse barn under the same roof as the home. Just go out the mudroom door and you’re in the barn ready to tend to your horses. This barndominum features gorgeous views of the countryside and a charming country feel with all of the modern amenities, like a huge kitchen and flatscreen TV.

Beautiful Wyoming Barndominum for Horse Lovers by the Timothy Family set on gorgeous countryside


This lovely barndominum is situated on a sweeping field of grasses, with the siding painted to blend into the countryside.

Beautiful Wyoming Barndominum for Horse Lovers by the Timothy Family with lovely views

The exterior is simple and practical, with a peaked roof and a lovely porch big enough for several groups to gather together around little tables on comfy porch chairs. 

Beautiful Wyoming Barndominum for Horse Lovers by the Timothy Family with barn under the same roof as the house

One little table features a built-in fire pit, perfect to warm you up and provide gentle ambient light as you gaze out on the view as the sun sets. It has a simple cover for during the daytime when it’s not in use, making it completely vanish into the table.

The second table and collection of chairs is situated on the other side of the front door, providing plenty of seating and places to soak in the view of the gorgeous sunrise and sunset. 

Beautiful Wyoming Barndominum for Horse Lovers by the Timothy Family built in tabletop firepit

From the porch, a sweeping view of the majestic mountains is visible in the background. Simple touches like a line of rocks with flowers planted in barrels along the edge of the home and hanging plants on the porch help to make this simple structure cozy. 

Beautiful Wyoming Barndominum for Horse Lovers by the Timothy Family lovely flower barrels

Fencing surrounds the home to provide pastures for the horses to enjoy. Since the barn is attached to the home, letting the horses out is simply a matter of opening the barn doors so you don’t even have to go out in the cold. 

The Barn

What makes this home unique is that the barn is included under the same roof as the house. Three stalls are built into what is more or less an extended garage that doubles as a barn. This space also has room for farm equipment and vehicles. Exposed wooden beams throughout the space create a very beautiful and classic barn effect. 

There’s also a convenient space for tackle, coats, and boots outside of the back door so that when the weather is bad, you can ride your horse right into the barn area, put them in your stall, kick off your boots, and go in through the back door.

There’s also plenty of room to store bales of hay so that when it comes time to feed the horses, you don’t have to go out into the cold. Some may wonder whether this arrangement makes the entire home smell of horse, but the owners are clear that this is not the case. 


From the barn, you can walk directly into the mudroom, perfect for times when you’ve gotten a bit dirty riding and could use some washing up.

Beautiful natural wood cabinetry with an X design on each panel extends the feel of country living into this space. Gentle blue walls contrast wonderfully with the rich tones of the wood. There is a folding table, laundry machines, and a large wash sink. 

Dining Room and Kitchen

The dining room can be accessed by a huge sliding door with the same natural wood from the mudroom. The dining room is composed of a big natural wood table and matching chairs on lovely wood floors. 

The kitchen is very big, with a farmhouse-style sink that works perfectly with the feel of this home. White cabinets provide a simple but modern feel. They end a few feet shy of the high ceilings, providing plenty of space for attractive country decor. 

Granite countertops and a stainless steel sink and appliances make for a synchronized appearance. A large window over the sink offers a sweeping view of the beautiful countryside.

The countertop extends into the living room area with a simple bar space that makes it easy to gather around and talk to whoever is cooking in the kitchen. 

Living Room

The large living room is framed around a huge and beautiful fireplace in the corner with a stone mantelpiece. Natural wood floors and deep leather furniture have a lovely country feel.

The walls are simple and white, which helps to make the elk and antelope heads that adorn them pop. A large bay window next to the fireplace provides a lovely contrast from the warm and cheery fire and the snowy fields on cold days. 


The natural wood floors from the living area extend beautifully into the bedrooms. The master bedroom features a gorgeous bed made of solid pieces of wood with the bark still on it in parts, creating a rustic as well as cozy impression. 

The headboard features a beautiful curved piece of wood that is the natural shape of the trunk or branch. A bench at the foot of the bed also features unfinished sides with the bark still on, drawing from the effect of the bed.

Double doors open out to the gorgeous countryside, featuring wide glass that allows light to stream into the bedroom and provides an unobstructed view. 

The guest bedrooms are some of the few rooms in the house with carpeting. One guest bedroom features a full-size bed with an elegant wooden bed frame and matching bureau.

A second guest bedroom has the same style of bed frame as the master bedroom, with natural wood composing the frame, headrest, and footrest. A queen-size bed fits neatly into the space and natural light pours in through the window. Closets are composed of sliding wood panels. 


A huge wooden door with wooden Xs on each of four panels leads into the bathroom, which features earthy tiles and a wide glass shower door.

His and her sinks are housed in beautiful granite countertops with the same style of wood from the doors and mudroom cabinets used on the bottom cabinets. A large window lets in plenty of natural light. 

A guest bathroom features a classy wooden door with vertical bars. It has the same type of tile as the master bedroom, and a tub with the shower curtain in a lovely contrasting blue that works perfectly with the wood from the door and the natural tiles.

A raised sink on the granite countertops has a lovely effect. Here too, the cabinets are designed of natural wood. A window lets in lots of natural light. 

Beautiful Wyoming Barndominum for Horse Lovers by the Timothy Family

This beautiful barndominum is not only wonderfully practical but truly stretches the possibilities of what you may have thought you could do with a barndominum. If you want more unique ideas like housing your horses under the same roof as your home, and to see how they are executed, check out the Barndolife ebook

It is full of ideas, inspiration, and practical advice about how to build your own perfect barndominum, whatever your needs, tastes, and budget might be. Your imagination is the limit when building the barndominum of your dreams.