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Breathtaking Charlotte NC Barndominium at the McGinnis Hickory Nut Farm | 26 Captivating Photos

Editor’s Note 12/16/2021 from Cathy McGinnis:

Merry Christmas! I thought I would share info about our build, since I get so many questions. We are in Marshville, NC. We have been in our Barndominium for a year and a half and we love it. At the time we moved in, we had $180,000 in ours, including well and septic. Not including land. We contracted it ourselves and hired out almost all the work. Ours is a simple build, but we built with cash from another home we sold.

For tons of info, see Instagram @hickorynutfarmbarndominium**Floor plan, metal shell company info, etc is shared in my highlights on Instagram, along with lots of other helpful info. If you don’t have IG, you should get it. Lots of barndo info shared there, and a great community of barndo owners. It’s where I spend most of my social media time now.

Ours is 1820 sf heated and 1780 sf in porch space. 3600 sf under roof.

*It’s our retirement home-2 bedrooms, 2 baths.

*Open living space is 28’x 36’.

*Porches are 10’ wide.

*Concrete floors have two coats of clear sealer.

*Gray paint color is Repose Gray.

Set in a picturesque North Carolina farm, our featured Charlotte NC Barndominium is a testimonial to the potential of combining durability and energy efficiency with glamor and comfort.

Farm owners in the planning stage of designing and building their forever home will be delighted to learn that having a rustic styled home with modern amenities is possible even on farmland.

This dwelling stands beside the chicken coop and sheepcote, with an unobstructed panorama of the nearby lake and countless trees. It houses a master bedroom and a guest bedroom, both supplemented by their own bathroom.

Even if your countryside property is not on a farm, this stunning abode will inspire you to construct your own barndominium according to your family’s rural lifestyle. For more pictures and updates, you can also follow @hickorynutfarmbarndominium on Instagram.

Still in doubt? Let our photos do the talking!

Charlotte NC Barndominium Pictures that Paint a Thousand Magnificant Words

Charlotte NC Barndominium by the Lake

A serene lake, clear blue skies, towering trees, and a carpet of green grass make this setting a dream retirement destination. And for the McGinnis family, that’s exactly what it is.

Charlotte NC Barndominium Exterior Front

If one should judge a home by its front porch, then we may be forgiven for anticipating that what lies behind the front door of the McGinnis barndo is a tastefully designed abode that is nothing short of spectacular.

Charlotte NC Barndominium Front Porch

Stark white flooring, walls and windowsills contrast with black furniture, lighting fixtures and rugs. Earth toned accents and green plants balance the basics with warmth.

Charlotte NC Barndominium Front Door

Nothing exudes an air of rest and relaxation better than the twin rocking chairs flanking the entrance to the dwelling.

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Open Concept Farmhouse Style in a Charlotte NC Barndominium

Charlotte NC Barndominium Open Concept Living Room, Dining Area and Kitchen
Charlotte NC Barndominium Open Concept

And the view that greets you does not disappoint. Rather, it exceeds expectations.

Using the open concept, this barndo combines luxury and homeliness in this wide space that sees the living room to the left, the dining area to the right, and the kitchen in the middle towards the back.

Charlotte NC Barndominium Living Room

For a seamless transition, the colors of the exterior are maintained indoors.

Notice how the fireplace draws attention to the living room, and a vintage display table stands behind the couch. Such subtle additions define the territory.

Charlotte NC Barndominium Dining Area

We love the unique ornaments that adorn the walls of this barndo, like this giant clock in the dining area.

Charlotte NC Barndominium Kitchen Island

Taking advantage of a barndominium’s high ceiling, the McGinnis kitchen features lighting fixtures hung from long metal cables above the island.

Charlotte NC Barndominium Kitchen
Charlotte NC Barndominium Kitchen Sink

This time, stainless steel breaks the black-and-white scheme in the form of appliances, sink, and the condiments caddy on the kitchen island.

Charlotte NC Barndominium Hallway

A hallway leading to the bedrooms maintains the motif with white walls, a decorative black metallic overhead light, and a black-over-white patterned rug.

Luxurious Charlotte NC Barndominium Master Suite

Charlotte NC Barndominium Master Bedroom
Charlotte NC Barndominium Master Bedroom with Porch

Designed for comfort, this master bedroom bathes in sunlight, courtesy of expansive windows on two walls.

The side door exits to a porch where the owners can relax while enjoying the fresh air and the fantastic landscape that surrounds their 25-acre property.

Charlotte NC Barndominium Master Bath

Within the suite is a master bathroom complete with modern-day amenities, like this his-and-hers sink including their respective mirror, lighting, and cabinets.

Charlotte NC Barndominium Guest Room and Bathroom

Charlotte NC Barndominium Guest Room
Charlotte NC Barndominium Guest Bathroom

Guests are welcome to stay overnight in the McGinnis farmhouse. They are afforded the same comforts which the owners enjoy.

The rustic style guest bedroom offers a view of nature, while the bathroom that accompanies it is not only spacious but also comes with cabinets, drawers, and caddies for storage and organization.

Fun fact: Mrs. McGinnis painted the shiplap black herself.

Deck The Halls for this Charlotte NC Barndominium for Autumn and Christmas

Charlotte NC Barndominium Front Porch Autumn Decor
Charlotte NC Barndominium Autumn Wall Decor
Charlotte NC Barndominium Dining Area Autumn Décor
Charlotte NC Barndominium Halloween Front Porch

Come fall, bright yellows and oranges herald in the changing seasons in this barndominium’s front porch and living and dining areas.

Black bats guard the front door, and black witch hats amp up the merriment of Halloween.

Charlotte NC Barndominium Christmas Living Room
Charlotte NC Barndominium Christmas Kitchen
Charlotte NC Barndominium Christmas Front Porch

And, of course, Christmas won’t be the same without the living room, kitchen and front porch bedecked in reds and greens.

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Bonus Photos! Charming Charlotte NC Barndominium at Night

Charlotte NC Barndominium Front Door at Night
Charlotte NC Barndominium Exterior at Night

Don’t you just love that white façade against the dark evening sky?

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