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East Texas Barndominium Builder Arrested

On Sunday, October 22nd, a Dallas area contractor was arrested on Theft charges. Zachary Taylor Holt, doing business as Next Level Steel Buildings LLC, was arrested in Collin County just east of Dallas, Texas. Officials say that Holt abandoned a barndominium project that was under construction and left before the project was finished, leaving the financial burden on the homeowners in Titus County.

The arrest was made in Collin County on warrants for property theft between $30,000 and $150,000, a third-degree felony.

The Background of the Arrest of East Texas Barndominium Builder- Zachary Taylor Holt

According to the Titus County Sheriff’s Office, Holt entered into a contract in July of 2022 to build a barndominium for his clients. Prior to the completion of the project, Holt abandoned the project, leaving the owners with a huge bill to pay for the completion of the project.

After further investigation by the Sheriff’s Department, they realized that Holt had a pattern of abandoning projects after getting most of the payment for them. “Based on our investigation, it appeared probable that Holt had been entering into contracts, including in our case at hand, with an intent to defraud his customers of their money to pay for construction. Upon presenting a probable cause affidavit to the Titus County District Attorney’s Office, Zachary Taylor Holt was charged with the theft offense related to the Titus County Case.” – Titus County Sheriff’s Office.

The clients then had to spend twice as much money or more to pay someone else to finish the job. With this clear pattern of fraudulent activity and presenting a probable cause affidavit, Holt was charged with theft.

In July 2023, officials notified Zachary Taylor Holt about the warrant for his arrest and promised to turn himself in, but elected not to until his arrest on Sunday, according to the sheriff’s office.

Titus County Sheriff’s Office has stated, “Most of the victims from other jurisdictions appear to have been told their only recourse for Holt’s actions is to pursue damages through civil means. It is our belief that the repetitive and frequent nature of Holt’s actions, rose to the level of proving Holt’s intent do defraud. We are aware that there are several other agencies now looking more closely into complaints of Holt’s activities.”

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