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Florida Barndominiums LLC Reviews

When the time comes to build a barndominium, you want to be sure that you choose the right people for the job. If you are new to building a home, it is crucial that you have an experienced, well-equipped builder on your side. Florida Barndominiums LLC has been in the business a long time but it can be hard to know if they are right for you. Knowing what some Florida Barndominiums LLC reviews have to say can help. 

Florida Barndominiums LLC Reviews

If you are going to make the right decision regarding your barndominium builder, you have to know how they treat their customers. Reading some Florida Barndominiums LLC reviews is a great way to learn everything you can. To help you parse through it, we have put together an overview of the different Florida Barndominiums LLC reviews. With a good understanding of how they deal with their clients, you can make the right decision for your barndominium project. 

Florida Barndominiums LLC Reviews Overview 

Florida Barndominiums LLC has been in business in one form or another since 1998. The owner, Joe, has been working in construction since he was 18 years old and has years of experience in the industry. The company was formed to help potential barndominium owners who wanted to get started in this new alternative housing form. Because of that, they have been working on the ground floor ever since the beginning. 

One of the things that Florida Barndominiums LLC is passionate about is walking customers through the whole process. They understand that it can sometimes be difficult to navigate the world of barndominium building. This has since become a major focus for them and makes them a great choice for people who are new to building homes. With their experience and passion on your side, you can be sure to get the best help for your project. 

Florida Barndominiums LLC Reviews 

The Good

Many of the Florida Barndominiums LLC reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Many people have felt that the company was with them every step of the way and were happy with the end result. Their projects were completed on time and they felt that Joe was very professional throughout the whole thing. This makes them an excellent choice if you are looking for a lot of guidance in your barndominium build


When building a barndominium of any kind, it is crucial that your builder has a lot of experience. You want to be certain that they can navigate any issues that might come up during your build. Being able to solve problems and work through issues is something that can only come with experience. Choosing a builder with a long history in the business can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

Florida Barndominiums LLC Reviews

Florida Barndominiums LLC reviews have praised the company’s experience. This is especially true regarding the owner, Joe. Customers have felt that the company was on top of everything the whole way through and that they knew how to navigate any problems. This made it easy for their clients to get the home they wanted without much in the way of hassle or serious problems. 

Straightforward Customer Service

When dealing with your barndominium builder, you want to be sure that they have good customer service. Working with a company that believes in straightforward service and being truthful can make your whole experience easier. This is especially important for people who are new to building barndominiums. The last thing you want is to not know what is going on with the project and be left in the dark at any point. 

One of the things that Florida Barndominiums LLC reviews mention is the straightforward way they deal with customers. They want to be sure that their clients understand everything about the process and what needs to happen for their home-building project. Customers have found this to be extremely helpful and it has given them a sense of control throughout everything. With this kind of customer service, you can have confidence in your project. 

The Bad 

Like any business, there are some Florida Barndominiums LLC reviews that bring up a few issues. However, it should be noted that these are the experiences of the individual. It is always a good idea to consult all the Florida Barndominiums LLC reviews and make your own decision. 

Poor Opening Communication 

When you are trying to find a builder for your barndominium project, it can be a lot to organize. If you have a hard time getting in touch with a particular builder, you might not be inclined to work with them. First impressions are everything, and it can be difficult to trust a builder that isn’t vigilant about communication. 

Some Florida Barndominiums LLC reviews mention that getting in touch with them, to begin with, was difficult. Some people have mentioned that they were only able to speak to the company through Facebook Messenger, which may not be ideal for some. This can be frustrating and may not be the best way to start a business relationship, depending on your preferred method of communication. 

Florida Barndominiums LLC Reviews

Low Project Volume

If you are eager to get your barndominium build started, you want to work with a builder that is just as enthusiastic. Having to wait to begin the process can be difficult, especially if you have been planning for a long time. Sometimes, builders have backlogs of projects. This means that you may have to wait to get things going, which might not be ideal for you. 

Some Florida Barndominiums LLC reviews have mentioned that the company was not able to take on their project. However, it is important to keep in mind that they are a small business. They can only do so many builds at a time, and they may be first come, first served. If you are anxious to get to work, you may want to choose a builder with a higher capacity for new projects. 


Building a barndominium can be a joy, especially if you work with a great builder. Florida Barndominiums LLC reviews are fairly positive and paint a picture of a professional, experienced company. By knowing what to expect, you can decide if they are the right choice to build your custom dream home. 

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