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How Much Does a 24×36 Concrete Slab Cost? | Pricing Important Factors

Before building a barndominium, you may need to know the cost of construction, which includes pouring a foundation. The foundation takes a large part with your total 24×36 concrete slab cost.

The average cost of hiring a contractor to pour a concrete slab is $4 to $8 per square foot. A 24×36-foot concrete slab includes a surface area of 864 square feet, resulting in an estimated cost of $3,456 to $6,912.

The median price is $6 per square foot, which would mean a price of $5,184. However, a variety of factors influence the total concrete slab costs. Here is a closer look.

24x36 Concrete Slab Cost

What Does a Standard 24×36 Concrete Slab Include?

Not all concrete slabs include the same features. Depending on the options that you choose, the cost of your concrete slab may come closer to the higher or lower end of the price range.

Using the median price of $6 per square foot is helpful if you plan on pouring a concrete slab with the following features:

  • 3,000 PSI concrete with a thickness of six inches
  • Fiber mesh reinforcement for increased resiliency
  • Rebar around the perimeter of the slab for extra support
  • 2×6-inch lumber for creating a wood form around the slab
  • A contractor and laborers

Choosing a different thickness or adding materials for increased support will change your price estimate. Some of the details to consider include:

  • Thickness
  • Materials and extra features
  • Region

The region where you live impacts the cost of materials and labor. The states with the lowest prices include Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, and parts of the Midwest. The states with the highest prices include California, Washington, and states in the northeast.

Before pouring a foundation, you also need to clear the land. If the land is uneven or includes trees or rocks, you may spend more on the site preparation work.

What Is the 24×36 Concrete Slab Cost in Different Thicknesses?

Six inches is the standard thickness for a concrete slab. However, you can also choose to pour a thinner slab. Here is a quick look at the average cost of materials for concrete slabs of varying thicknesses:

  • $3.57 per square foot – six-inch slab
  • $3.20 per square foot – five-inch slab
  • $2.83 per square foot – four-inch slab

A four-inch slab costs about $0.74 less per square foot compared to a standard six-inch slab. With a 24×36-foot concrete slab, choosing a thickness of four inches may reduce the cost by about $639.36. To get an estimate of the cost of pouring concrete, you can use a concrete slab calculator to help determine costs.

Concrete Slab Thickness

What Features Increase the Cost of a 24×36 Concrete Slab?

If you choose a four-inch or five-inch slab, you may want to increase the strength and durability of the concrete slab with one or more of the following features:

  • Thickened edges for extra support – $1 per square foot
  • Vapor barriers for moisture protection – $0.50 per square foot
  • Wire mesh instead of fiber mesh for reinforcement – $0.40 per square foot

If your concrete slab needs all three of these options, the total cost of your foundation may increase by about $1.90 per square foot. With a 24×36-foot concrete slab, you may spend close to $1,641.60 on these features.

DIY 24×36 Concrete Slab Versus Hiring a Contractor

Choosing between hiring a contractor and completing the foundation yourself significantly impacts the total cost. The median price of $6 per square foot includes about $2.40 for hiring a contractor and paying for labor.

If you only need to pay for materials, you may spend about $3.60 per square foot for a standard six-inch concrete slab. With a total surface area of 864 square feet. A DIY 24×36 concrete slab may cost about $3,110.40 instead of $5,184. Yet, hiring a contractor can save you the stress of creating a perfect base for your barndominium.