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The Land Doctors Oklahoma Barndominium: Breathtaking 10,000 Sq Ft

Here’s a special barndominium in Oklahoma built by The Land Doctors for the Jaggi Family. Just one look at this beautiful Oklahoma Barndominium and you will be blown away, not to mention what nature has to offer in this vast land.

The family loves the outdoors and they had the perfect 382- acre property to spend weekends on, just exposed to nature and with lots of recreational activities to be done for the whole family. One thing they needed was a place to comfortably stay, that would also accommodate more people when relatives and friends came along.

They opted for a trailer that fit more people, but they also needed something more permanent than that. The couple already loved the idea of a barndominium with all its benefits. Having decided that it was the place they wanted to build on, that plan morphed into this permanent barndo. But it’s more than just a place to stay, it’s a place they now call home.

The Land Doctor’s Oklahoma Barndominium is about 10,000 sq ft with porches and a garage. With the aim to comfortably accommodate more people, the two-story barndominium has 6 bedrooms, including a girls’ bunkroom and a boys’ bunkroom with queen-sized bunkbeds, each bedroom also with its own bathroom. With a lot of space, this home even has a huge recreational room for the kids to play in.

Oklahoma Barndominium Exterior

Oklahoma Barndominium Interior

The Jaggi couple mentions several highlight features for their home, and one is the barn door that they put to close off the upstairs balcony in the recreational area when it got loud with kids playing in the room. The barn door does look beautiful and serves the purpose perfectly.

Balcony Barn Door

Another one of the highlights that this home features is the huge fireplace that goes all the way up to the second floor. The Kudu head on the mantle of the fireplace is an additional attraction. It was something that Ryan Jaggi had shot back in their trip to South Africa and the couple already knew the right area to put it up. It definitely looks sophisticated right where it is against the smooth black background, and gives the home the look and feel of the wildlife that the family loves.

Once inside, you will notice the floating staircase leading to the second floor. This is custom-fabricated metal and wood slabs on the steps. With the weight of the metal staircase alone, putting it up was quite the challenge. But nevertheless, it is well-secured and really sturdy, and definitely does look amazing.

What’s also surely eye-catching is the sleek cabinetry in the kitchen. These are made of maple wood and while most custom-built cabinets are constructed in shops, these built-in cabinets and the rest of the cabinets in this home were built in place and look absolutely stunning.

Oklahoma Barndominium living room with huge fireplace
Floating Staircase
Oklahoma Barndominium Kitchen
The kitchen cabinets are made of Maple wood.

You can lose count of the physical activities that the kids can do around; climbing up the kitchen poles and the floating staircase being their favorite, and with even more activities they can do outside, the children have practically turned the house into their personal gym.

You will notice only clean lines with a modern feel throughout the interior, which make the home look very simple and homey. The owners aimed for the industrial modern look and feel, and the interior exactly gives off a really good visual and feel.  All the floors are simple polished concrete. The lightings and tiles were also handpicked with the help of an interior designer family friend. All these details thrown in and put together make the owners affirm that their home is so much better than they had imagined.

Live edge dining table
The live edge dining table looks absolutely beautiful.
High ceiling
The ceiling height is about 25 feet at peak.
This fixture perfectly has the sleek and modern look.
Master Bedroom

Their Oklahoma barndominium is not just a place to live in for the Jaggi family. It is a home to create beautiful memories together with their relatives and friends; going out and enjoying the wild, simple get-togethers, sleep-overs and just being close to nature.

Whether you are still planning to build your own, or already living in one, it’s really helpful to get yourself a copy of this very informative ebook, Build Your Dream Barndominium by Done Howe.